This sport is a combination of tennis and ping pong, played on a badminton-sized court with a net close to the ground, where players use paddles and a small wiffle ball. Find out more at https://usapickleball.org/. 

Pickleball is played at the Central Park Pickleball Courts, located near the Tennis Courts at the corner of South 13th Street and Atlantic Avenue. Six (6) lighted pickleball courts are available until 10:00pm daily. The gates at the courts are unlocked. Restrooms, a water fountain, and AED are nearby.

Schedule of Play:

Day                                  Time                                           Level of Play

Sunday                          2 - 5pm                                     All skill levels on Courts 1 - 4

                                                                                         Beginners on Court 5 & 6

Monday                        8 -10am                                    Women Play (all levels) on Courts 1 - 4

                                                                                         Beginners on Court 5 & 6

Monday                        4 - 7pm                                     Advanced Competitive Play (level 4.0+) on Courts 1 – 6

                                                                                         Challenge Court 4

Tuesday                      8 - 11am                                    Intermediate Skill Levels (3.0, 3.5) Courts 1 - 6

Wednesday                4 - 6pm                                      Intermediate Skill Levels (3.0, 3.5) Courts 1 - 6

Thursday                    8 -10am                                     Men Play (all levels) on Courts 1 - 4

                                                                                        Coed Play (all levels) Courts 5 & 6

Friday                         8-10am                                      Intermediate Skill Levels (3.0, 3.5) Courts 1 - 6

The Fernandina Beach Pickleball Pirates is an informal group that provides the balls and loaner paddles during Scheduled Play, Follow the “Fernandina Beach Pickleball Pirates” group on Facebook.

Schedule Play Player Rotation

There is “paddle rack” mounted on the fence for waiting players. Place your paddle in the rack when you arrive and then wait for your turn to go onto a court. This enables you to play with a variety of players. If you only want to play with your friends, then you are welcome to use the courts at non-scheduled play times.

Player Rotation follows these two schemes:

2 on/2 off 4 players will play a game on a court, winner is the first team to 11 points (win by 2). When the game completes, the winners will remain on the court and split (one player to each side) and the losers will depart the court. Two new players will come on to the court; one on each side. Winners can stay for two games and then should rotate out.

4 on/4 off 4 players will play a game on a court, winner is the first team to 11 points (win by 2). When the game completes, all four players depart the court and four waiting players go onto the court.

Courtesy of Play

• Respect other players.

• Introduce yourself at the beginning of the game.

• Stay positive and encouraging.

• Be willing to play with all players of all levels.

• Demonstrate sportsmanship always.

Court Etiquette

1. Players are encouraged to come to the Schedule Play session that fits their skill and ability level.

2. Enter and exit the court using the correct gates. Gate A on the east end for courts 5 & 6. Gate B on the north side for courts 1 & 2. Gate C for court 3. Gate D on the west side court 4.

3. Avoid crossing courts when entering and exiting.

4. When your game ends – exit the court promptly.

5. When entering a gate to get to your court, do so promptly and remember to close the gate behind you.

6. Avoid chasing balls into other courts while other games are in play.

7. If you are playing and see a ball roll onto your opponents' court, yell LET or BALL. Let’s be safe on the courts!

8. Pay attention when you are waiting for which players are up next. Notice where your paddle is in the queue and be ready to go when it is your turn.

Pickleball Instruction                                                                                                                                                                                                            Contact Stephen Moreno, reyespickleballclub@gmail.com for lessons which will be conducted at Central Park.