Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The City of Fernandina Beach is now leveraging the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to better manage and analyze operations related to citizen services and physical infrastructure city-wide. In the near future, GIS will be used to help manage street and building inventories and maintain utilities. GIS has played an invaluable role within the City of Fernandina Beach for several years by providing City Planner’s with current information and data analysis in support of city functions such as city development proposals, zoning, land use, public safety, emergency response and transportation issues. The City is excited to extend this power to the community.


Nassau County Storm Surge Map (PDF)

What GIS information is available to YOU?

The information contained in the following table has been made available for display through the interactive mapping tool. To launch the mapping tool, please click the link provided (above). Hyperlinks included in this table will either open printable maps files or direct you to another website to obtain more specific information.

Base Layers
Municipal Layers
Community Amenities

Property Information
Environmental Data
Emergency Preparedness
Streets City & County Boundaries DEP's Coastal Beach Access Map Parcel Data & Plat Lines Wetlands Evacuation Zones
Railroads Downtown Historic District Schools Addresses Shorelines SLOSH Storm Surge Zones
US Census Bureau Data
Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) Egans Creek Greenway Trails Parcel Dimensions (Approximate) Coastal Construction Control Line FEMA Flood Zones

Waterfronts FL Partnership Area Historic Structures & Cemeteries Zoning Classifications Navigational Aids Topography
(5ft contours)

Ft. Clinch State Park Location Police & Fire Stations & Hospitals Future Land Use Designations City's Tree Inventory Fire Hydrants

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