Feedback From Citizens/Customers

An email to Utilities Director, Andre Desilet

Hello Mr. Desilet,

I want to thank you and your team for repairing the leak at 2483 1st Ave. last week. It was a full day of hard work for them … and now I am enjoying the increased water pressure in my home. 

I truly appreciate your continued direction of this issue after my last email, resulting in the completion of the repair and not wasting more water. I commend you on your work ethic.


Online form submission: 

Thank you to your street maintenance department for fixing a pot holes on Barrington. My call was handled professionally by a wonderful lady that answered my call. The hole was fixed in a timely manner. Keep up the good work.

Email to Utility Billing Staff:

Thank you for your help on this. I'm blown away at the level of customer service we've received every time we've called in. It's exceptional. 

Email to Fire Chief Ty Silcox

Fire chief Ty Silcox, earlier this morning all of my smoke alarms were going off and I didn’t know how to turn them off. I made several phone calls and spoke to the dispatcher and he got in touch with the fire department. Luke Powell and Matthew Morris came to my house and turned off the fire alarms. They then advised me to get new ones because the original ones were still there which would have been 20 years old. They told me to call Kaleigh Simmons and let her know when I got the alarms and they would come back and install them. I was very surprised that they would do this and I was thrilled. The ceilings are too high for me and I’m afraid to climb ladders anymore so this was ideal. I got the fire/smoke alarms and they came back and installed them and they just left. I want to commend them for being so helpful, polite, and willing to help someone whose house was not on fire. We are so blessed in Fernandina Beach to have such a wonderful fire department and such wonderful members of it. it is comforting to know that people out there are willing to come and help you with a smile on their face. Kudos to Luke Powell and Matthew Morris!
Sincerely, D.D.

We had a significant sprinkler water leak this morning (a Sunday!) in front of our house. Please pass our gratitude to Lt Hepler from the Fernandina Police department and Jamel from the utility department for coming to our rescue.

2022 08-23

Phone call to Administrative Assistant, Toni Brown 

Ms. Helen S. called to give commendation and thanks to TJ and his coworker for the work that they performed yesterday at her home regarding a watermain break.  She said that they were terrific, providing a quick response and cleaned up after they finished.  She again gave many thanks for there excellent customer service.

2022 04-07

Email to Stormwater Director Andre Desilet: 

We want to thank your crew for fixing the broken waterline on S. 5th St. last evening.  After the storm we had so much water in the neighborhood that it took us till the evening to realize that the line was burbling up in the right of way.  If I had thought of it earlier in the day we could have made the call during regular hours.  As it happened we called at 7:00pm and the repair was completed by 10:00pm.  We really appreciate the emergency service.  The guys were polite and thorough.  One of the guys came back in the morning to tidy up the site.  Again most appreciated.  Please pass our regards on to the team and their manager.

2021 08-03

Email to 

just wanted to let you know that the employee who picks up the yard waste on South 17th Street does a FANTASTIC job.  He comes by every Monday and does a neat job.   Just wanted to tell him thanks. 

2021 04-23

A letter to the editor published in the News-Leader: 

Kudos to city for recycle event, food drive. I believe I speak for scores of residents who drove over to the Fernandina Beach Public Works Complex on Saturday to take advantage of the services offered to us by the city at its Recycle Day and Food Drive.

To be able to safely and securely get rid of paper and other things that make our house and garage less safe is an added

benefit of living in Fernandina Beach. To know we could also help the less fortunate with the food drive was an added plus.

But the very best thing about Saturday’s event was seeing the city manager and city employees working nonstop to help the taxpayer as they made the whole process run like clockwork. Thank you, everyone.

2021 04-06

Email to Parks and Recreation Manager: 

I'm sorry I did not get this note to you last week, but time got away from me.  I want to thank you and the entire ARC staff for all your support and help over the years as we managed our VITA tax site in the auditorium.  It has been a real pleasure to work with you and your team.  

2020 10-23

Email to Utilities Director: 

I had the pleasure of having dinner last night with Mr. CD. Earlier this week, your staff had to tear up his yard to work on a house across the street from him with low water pressure issues. 
 Mr. D. was very complimentary of the professional way you met with him regarding this issue as well as the professionalism of your staff replacing everything in his yard back to the way it was. Mr. D takes great pleasure in his yard and said your staff did a fine job getting it back to the way it was. 
 Please let your staff know that they were well talked about for the good job they did. 
 Signed- CP

2020 08-05

A message from a Fernandina Beach Police Officer:

Today we had a sink hole at Ash St and S 11th Street. I contacted Joe Evans and he responded forthwith and assessed the damage and made contact with Michael Young and Hunter Mckinnon.  Both Young and Mckinnon arrived and ultimately repaired the road rendering it safe pending further inspection.  I wanted to commend all three because of their timeliness and professionalism. All three had such a professional attitude and demonstrated the willingness to help on a hot Saturday

afternoon. Their professional demeanor and work ethic should be the benchmark of all city personnel. 

2020 07-27

Email message to Joe Pitcheralle in Parks and Recreation: 

Joe, a week or so ago I had left you a voicemail inquiring about getting the greenway east of the city golf course (and off Bill Melton) mowed.  I want to thank you for taking care of that.  Having place to walk the dogs away from the hot pavement is greatly appreciated.   Also when that area is mowed my dogs and I do not get any ticks n us like we do when the grass is tall.

Please accept my sincere thanks for being so responsive.  

 2020 07-09

Online feedback submission to Parks and Recreation Director Nan Voit: 

Just wanted to let you know your staff is doing a wonderful job maintaining a safe environment for classes. Social distancing and mask requirements are followed and reminders are announced at each class. Also, they are wiping down areas regularly. They should be applauded for their due diligence to keep us safe.

Thanks, E

2020 04-07

GO GO GO!  Kudos to ALL involved in making tonight's meeting happen and for letting interested parties attend virtually.  Fantastic job in the midst of all that is going on.  Your dedication is obvious.  Our city is blessed to have every single one of you serving us. 

Thank you all for your thoughtful research, input and discussion.  And for the heartfelt comments at the end of the meeting.  Who'd a thunk a commission meeting would be a tear jerker...?

That which does not kill us will make us stronger.  Having said that, please take care of yourselves and your families!

Miss everyone.  Hope to see you soon.


2020 03-17

Ms. M.B. of N. 15th St. called to express her appreciation for the City Street Maintenance staff and arborist who cleaned up a tree (that fell down near her house over the weekend) by 7:30 am today. She said they did an awesome job – they were efficient and effective.


2020 01-19

Email Message to City Manager Dale Martin: 


Just wanted to say thanks and acknowledge the great job Rex Lester and his crew did cleaning and leveling the easement to our back driveway at the corner of Calhoun and N 17th streets. It looks wonderful! 

Thanks again!

2019 12-02

Email message: 

A very special THANK YOU to ALL INVOLVED in the planning and development of Susie's bench. There are no words to describe how I feel about this. From the beginning there were many obstacles. Then as faith would have it,  the outcome couldn't have been better. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL INVOLVED. You are all in our hearts forever. I will never forget what all have done . In our hearts forever. J

2019 11-25

Handwritten letter received at City Hall. 

To: Mr. Dale Martin, 

Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to come read to the children here at the Ernie T. Albert Library. Please come again. Your participation will last a lifetime with the children. Thank you! 

It was a joy having you visit with us. Thank you!

Ernie Albert, Director 

2019 10-30

Dear Mr. Martin,


I have never had such great response from anyone.  The City Commissioners have gotten a Great City Manager.


The very day of my e-mail to you, Mr. John Mandrick Utilities Director from the Water Department was here to see the problem with the water cap.  As we spoke he had a man here looking at the problem.  By 9:00 AM the very next day it was fixed perfectly.  He also contacted Mr. Andre Desilet from the storm water department who arrived within 30 minutes of his call.  Andre inspected the drain and advised his man would be here the next morning.  This happened around 8:30 AM the next day as he had promised.  Later in the day a truck was here and filled the hole in and said they checked for water leaks around the drain.


I was very very happy about the entire handling of this issue.  But wait!  Today October 30, Mr. Rex Lester from the streets department was at my door.  He wanted to see the issues and looked at the street and pavements, he advised this would be handled shortly.  He also advised that in November a proposal would be put before the City Commissioners regarding the street surface in our subdivision.  This is icing on the cake should it be approved.


This type of response was way over the top.  You and your staff have gone far beyond my expectations.  There may come a time when I can return some of my gratitude for you.  Be assured my neighbors will hear of your great service and your great subordinates.



2019 09-23

Dear Mr. Martin,

I thought this would be a good way to start your week.  Perhaps you do not often get a message praising your Code Compliance personnel, especially when it is from someone who received a code violation notice.  But George and Michele deserve praise for how courteous, understanding, and professional they were in handling my situation.  I got home from running an errand, and found the orange notice on my front door. George requested  me to cut my lawn and the "tall weeds" in my front flower bed.  I called and could not reach George, who had left the notice a few minutes before I got home, and I went to the Code Compliance office and Michele was busy in a meeting.  So I wrote a note and explained that there are no "weeds" in my front flower bed, but I have worked quite hard to establish a "Florida Friendly" wildflower garden that is intended to look natural and attract butterflies and bees, which it does.  I acknowledged that it is not attractive to everybody, especially those who like a manicured landscape, but if they wanted to stop back to my house I would be pleased to identify all the species growing there and demonstrate they were native wildflowers and not weeds.

I got in touch with George the next day and he and Michele came over.  We had a cordial and very productive discussion.  I agreed, because I had been out of town several weeks, that the small amount of turfgrass lawn I have in front did need to be mowed so I had mowed it.  But the wildflowers are in an "in-between" stage where not too many are flowering, but in a few weeks there would be many more flowers, so I was reluctant to cut back anything that was going to be flowering soon.  Both Michele and George witnessed the bees and butterflies on the wildflowers that were blooming, and we agreed that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish a wildflower from a weed.  They then asked if I might be willing to help out with a case where a resident had a badly overgrown and unkempt yard but expressed a desire to make it a Florida Friendly landscape.  I am willing to help if it ends up being appropriate, and perhaps I will be called on that case.

But more than anything I wanted to write you to compliment George and Michele for their professionalism and open-mindedness


2019 09-16

Email Message regarding the Utility Billing Department: 

I just want you guys to know that each and everyone of you that I have dealt with have been a blessing to me during a trying time thank you very much for your empathy your patience and your kindness,It is more impactful than you can imagine. Rather than tear me down,Be short or unkind your short patience and caring that actually brought healing to me and lifted pressure so I want to say thank you to all of you. Be blessed.

2019 09-12

Hello Dale,

I’m writing this email as a citizen who recently had a great experience with the Building Department in less than desirable circumstances.  I had a serious electrical issue at our new home that developed the afternoon of Aug 29th.  A very old meter box was apparently pulled off the house (i.e. possible painters since the exterior was getting painted) exposing live 240 volt lines and FPU was called.   FPU arrived in less than 10 minutes and immediately shut down power to our house because of the dangerous situation.   FPU said they could not turn power back on until the meter box can was code compliant, permit pulled, and inspected/approved by the City.   The time was approx. 3:30.   The task at hand to try and get power back in the near future seemed insurmountable.    However, I showed up at City Hall with an electrician to see what could be done.   This is where the Building Department shined…especially Stephen Beckman and Harriet Davis!!  I believe this was Stephen’s first week on the job and we were asking for an emergency permit/inspection at 4pm as relates to a very serious electrical issue.  Ultimately, Harriet helped me get an owner permit before 5pm and Stephen personally came to our house after hours to meet with the electrician to review the associated plan to bring the electrical meter can up to code.    The end result was the FPU came back at 9pm after the approval of the work by the City and turned our power back on.   I can’t say enough about how helpful and generally concerned Stephen and Harriet were regarding our situation.    They both went above and beyond the call of duty and we are very grateful for their incredible service!

Best regards,


2019 09-09

Email message to the City Manager:

Dear Mr. Martin,

Over the years, I have written to the city manager to ask for help in getting something accomplished, always with good results.

This time I am writing to compliment the water department. Last Saturday, a neighbor noticed that the front yard was like a swamp in the area of the water meters. I called and within no more than thirty minutes, someone was here to check. After working for an hour or so, it was decided that this was a much bigger job and they would have to return Monday with more help.

They returned this morning and resolved the leak.Every one of the city employees that I came in contact with was extremely polite and willing to share information. I am impressed with the service and the quality of our city employees.

Thank you.

2019 09-09

Email message to Utilities Director John Mandrick: 

I would like to thank you for the good employees who helped repair my broken water main in Fernandina Beach today.

First, Adam came to my house at 9 a.m. as we had scheduled it. He was fantastic.  My system was old, so he replaced everything with a new digital meter and a new valve to turn the water in the house off & on.  He called for a new cement box as my old box had been damaged by a tree root, which he cut out so the new box would fit in correctly.  Chris arrived with a new box, and he helped Adam to install the new equipment.  Adam had to make adjustments so the new equipment would fit in the old space, and Chris assisted him.  They worked as a good team and finished their work quickly and thoroughly. Adam left at 10:00 a.m. so he finished everything within an hour!

All of this would not have been possible without the initial help I received from Stephen Noden in your billing office.  Since I knew Stephen from church, I went in to talk to him when my plumber, in fixing a broken pipe, noticed that my water would still drip after it was cut off.  Stephen knew what needed to be done and explained their hours and the answering service that would be on duty after hours.  He noted that someone is on duty 24/7, which is great!

So, you have a good team, Mr. Mandrick, both in the billing office and in the field. Stephen gave me the initial information I needed to get the job done.  Adam is a great technician, and Chis was a big help to Adam, as Chris is a meter reader.  Please place a copy of this letter in their personnel files and pass along my thanks for a job very well done.



2019 08-16

Email message to the City Manager and the Parks and Recreation Director: 

Dale and Nan,

I want to thank you guys and let you know what an awesome summer camp program you have.  Our son, Luke, absolutely loved the program.

I can't say enough good things about it, from top to bottom.  The staff, security, activities are all wonderful!

Please keep up this awesome program and let me know if I can do anything to help.  

We recommend this program to everyone!

2019 08-01

Email Message to Terry Cotter and Angie Lester of the Building Department: 

I wanted to shoot you a quick email and reiterate my appreciation for helping me with this mess.  The mortgage/insurance company has been a nightmare to deal with but you guys have been a breath of fresh air in this otherwise gloomy disaster. Please feel free to forward this to your supervisor(s) and tell her/him how very grateful I am to you both and your department.

2019 08-01

Customer Service Survey: 

As a general contractor, I call and work with many building departments. The level of service I received this morning from

Ashley Manning was exemplary. I am just thrilled to know I have her help through this permitting process. 

2019 07-29

Email Message: 

Good AM Mr Martin.

I want to take this opportunity to recognize one of your staff.  Karen Austin helped us with a demo permit over the last 7 days and I have to say it was one of the best experiences I have had as a real estate professional and a former builder.  She was Ultra responsive (EVERY time), tremendously courteous and maintained and all around "Can Do" attitude.  

As I am sure you are aware, and we are glad to benefit from, your great hire in Karen.  This property will be our retirement home and thank you for making this experience a great one!!

2019 07-19

A phone call in regards to the Utility/Utility Billing Department: 

Mrs. P.D. called and wanted to compliment the customer service she received from our employees following her request for information about a high water bill.  She said starting with Stephen Noden in billing, followed by watermen, Tommy Carless, and George Wodehouse, at her residence, she was very impressed with their helpfulness and professionalism.   She wanted me to share with their supervisors she thought their service went above and beyond.

2019 07-17

Email message to the Parks and Recreation Department: 

Just a heartfelt thank you for getting a crew out to my yard and Egans Creek to remove the tree that fell into the creek and blocked its flow! My daughter and granddaughter were visiting and we thoroughly enjoyed the impressive operation. The creek is flowing in and out much better now and even the mosquito population is seemingly diminished. I’m delighted. Fernandina Beach impresses me more each day with its parks and wildlife. Thank you!

2019 07-16

Message regarding the Fernandina Beach Golf Club:

Hello Mr. Murphy:

I know you get a lot of comments about the course, not all of them positive.  In my opinion, you and your staff do an exceptionally fine job of maintaining the greens and fairways, given the financial and other resources available to you.  

The pro shop personnel, especially Mary Poole and Mike Benjamin, are courteous, very competent and represent the interests of the course in a highly commendable manner.  For the most part I only have interaction with the cart lady, Marka, but in my opinion she and all those associated with food service are very good at their respective work.  We are all fortunate that these folks are there to help  make the day better, certainly more pleasant.



2019 07-12

Information received from a Comment Card: 

Ms Austin regularly assists me via email and in person and is always prompt, courteous, and gives me an answer. 

2019 4-30

Email compliment to Parks and Recreation employee, Sarah Booker: 

Sarah- thank you for all you did today to guide us through the opportunities and open the way for the best decision for us. And I can’t stress enough how your responsiveness made all the difference.
You have a wonderful way about you that put us at ease and made the whole process a very positive experience.
The City of Fernandina Beach is fortunate to have you on their team!

2019 4-16

Email compliment regarding Utility & Utility Billing staff members Adam Shivley and Stephen Noden:

Good Morning!
I am writing to thank you for the prompt and professional service we received (on 4/15/19) at our home.We had a problem with the external shut off valve and needed a sink repair. Very shortly after I called the City of Fernandina Beach,  Adam arrived, fully equipped and went above and beyond working diligently to solve our issue.We are very grateful for the efficient and professional service we received from both the representative on the phone and Adam. Please thank him for us and make a note of his hard work

2019 4-15

Email Message: 

 Dale, want to thank you and your staff for all the assistance for using the parking lot for our Marina Music event. It was a beautiful evening...

Please pass along my thanks to your staff.

2019 4-14

Email Message: 

Dear City Manager Martin,

On behalf of the 15th Annual Katie Ride for Life, I would like to thank you and commend your entire team.

We know that special events can be taxing on both city staff and community residents, so we appreciate the ability to continue this produce this event.  With your and the City’s support, we generated over $100,000 in support of organ donation awareness this year alone.  We all helped save many lives this past weekend.

There are so many City staff members that need to be recognized, I’m sure I will miss some names, but I will try to get as many as possible.  We need to start with Mary Hamburg.  She went above and beyond to help make sure this event went off as smoothly as possible.  She was even on-site during our setup to make sure we had everything we needed including her cell number in case something came up.

Police, PAC, and Fire Department are also to be commended.  We received many compliments from participants about how safe they felt by all of the traffic support during the event.  That does not happen without City support.  Deputy Chief Higginbotham made it easy to be prepared for any emergencies and contributed greatly to our planning.  We were fortunate to only have a few minor incidents, but the guys were right on top of them and made sure to give a caring hand to those in need.

We greatly appreciate the entire Parks and Recreation department for letting us take over their facilities for a few days.  As I said before, we understand how disruptive and event like this can be, but believe that in the end, an event like this is what makes our community special.

Finally, I would like to thank both City Clerk Best and Mayor Miller for the proclamation read at the start of the ride.  I know the hour was early, but the City Clerk’s words and the Mayor’s delivery was the highlight of our opening ceremony.

The City of Fernandina Beach should be proud of such an amazing team!

2019 4-11

Email Message: 


Just wanted to say thank you for the hard work you and your team put into making the Parks and Recreation in Fernandina so great!  As a parent of an 8 year old and 5 year old, my wife and I feel very blessed to live in a city with such great parks, and outdoor opportunities for our kids.

I also wanted to say what an outstanding job Felicia does running the Rec Center after school and summer programs.  As working parents it is a tremendous help to have a safe, organized and fun program for our kids to go after school.  The staff is very kind and helpful to the kids with their homework and playtime.  Our kids are very excited for summer camp as well. 

Thanks so much for all you do.

2019 2-20

Email Message: 

Good morning, Dale:
Around 4:00 pm last evening I e-mailed Rex to say that a hackberry tree had just fallen in Old Town and was blocking Amelia Street.By 5:00 pm it had been moved off the road. By 8:00 am today, it had been removed.Excellent service, and worthy of recognition

2018 12-22

Message from Online Form Submittal: 

I would like to take a minute and inform you of a parks and recreation employee who went above and beyond for me when I was on Amelia island recently. I lived on the island over 25 years ago and came back for a visit this week. While there I wanted to stop at the cemetery to pay my respects to an old friend who is buried there. Unfortunately 25 years is a long time and I couldn’t remember where the plot was. Luckily Ernest was working that day and spent about 20 minutes helping me to find my friend. It is a rare thing to come across someone who will take so much time and effort to help. Thank you Ernest!

2018 12-12

Message from Facebook User:

 Thank you to maintenance, streets, and parks for your hard work cutting the limbs and brush that obscured our corner this morning.


2018 10-23

Message from a Citizen who rented a facility with Parks and Recreation:

 Thank you! Event was great! Great space and Janice was extremely helpful. We love this City, Thank you!!




2018 10-04 

Message from Facebook User: 

Thank you to the Utilities Department for their thorough, professional, and very quick response to our residential water odor report. I made the report late yesterday afternoon and this morning, a water utility officer was at our door. He resolved the issue and was extremely professional and knowledgeable. The outstanding customer service was much appreciated!  

2018 07-19

Rave for the Rec Center staff that took a bus load of young campers to the AMC theater in Yulee today, and rave to the kids! Had we not seen them in the theater before the movie started we never would have known they were there. Such a perfectly

mannered and respectful large group of children. Kids sometimes get a bad rap. These kids were great!

2018 07-14

Mr. B. expressed his sincere praises to Adam Shivley for his professional and timely actions in the field that solved his water use and billing problem. He also praised the Utility Billing staff for their professionalism in following up on the status of his account.


2018 07-12

Message for Rex Lester and his team: Thank you for taking such swift action on that rotting tree. You guys are the best!


2018 05-24

I want to thank you for addressing the damaged trees in the Pirates Cove HOA area. The trees were damaged in the last hurricane and were at risk of falling down, placing us and our neighbors at risk. Your response to my call was timely and the trees were removed yesterday. You and your crew did a great job. Thanks again. CHS


2018 04-30

Citizen phone message: Jimmy and Larry are doing a GREAT job! The Dune Wood Place has never been better. Thank you so much to the Streets guys! Please pass it on!

2018 04-27

Harriet Davis,

Thank you so much for your help with the inspection stuff. I really appreciate your help and concern.

Again, THANKS!!! You are my "hero of the week"!!!


2018 04-18

I felt it important to write today to you all to let you know what a great experience it has been to work with the city and especially your building dept. on our Aspire Senior living project. I’m a senior project superintendent that has worked in many states and city’s over the past 35 yrs and have had only a few building departments where I felt like they understood the contractor's side of the relationship and worked as a TEAM to get the job going and keep it going. Your dept. is definitely one of those few. Everyone on your TEAM from Tony, Flip and all the ladies behind the counter ,they all have worked very hard throughout the whole process and continue to help us every day. They are a big part of why  our project is on schedule and successful and have all the confidence it will finish in the same manner. I will repeat the key word and that is TEAM, your guys and gals in your building dept. have been TEAM mates.   

2018 02-19

 Message to Sue Edwards in Utility Billing

 Thank you so much for your kindness and help with this issue...we are grateful!!! The city is very lucky to have you and we are appreciative of your follow up with next month as well. Thank you so very much. Have a great day.


2018 02-19

Good Morning Mr. Martin,

 We are so pleased to see that the debris clean up on Hickory has started!  Please extend our sincerest “thank you” to the crew. We truly appreciate their hard work. The neighborhood of Shell Cove is grateful.


2018 02-12

Hi Dale,
Just want you to know that your staff were very professional and courteous in trying to assist us in our efforts towards the permitting process with the new Council on Aging building.  There are still a few loose ends on the COA side that we will have to take care of, but I just want to let you know how helpful they have been.  I owe them my gratitude.

Thanks so much,

2018 01-09

Message to Sue Edwards in Utility Billing
Thank you very much for the attention you are extending to us concerning this matter.
Excellent service very much appreciated!   D and M

2017 12-14

DC of Amelia Park called late yesterday to report her encounter with Maintenance Department staff regarding her hurricane debris. She called Cathy and in less than twenty-four hours, Rex came out, took a picture, and had the debris removed. Ms. C was very impressed and wanted us to know she thinks Cathy is a “magnificent customer service representative!” 

2017 12-06

Compliment for the Atlantic Rec Center:
We have a lovely gentleman who uses the fitness room.  He stopped in twice, once with Sarah, and then with Jodi, to let us know what a great job we’re doing!  He said he loves coming here because everyone is personable and friendly, the gym is always clean, we get new equipment, if there is anything that’s broken, we get it fixed in a timely manner, and it’s affordable!

2017 10-23

Dear Mr. Martin, I wrote to you about the blockage in the drainage ditch on the city course behind our home about a week ago. 

I just wanted to let you know that the blockage has been cleared and the city employees did a great job in doing it. I appreciate what has been done. Thank you.


2017 10-16

Thank you so much! I must say I wish all of the building departments were like yours. It's always a pleasure. You all are so very helpful.  Thank you all!

2017 10-10

Dear Juan, 

Some contractors broke the water pipe that goes into the meter at my house on Sunday.  We had no water in our house and the water was spirting up at the break.  We called the city and Jason came out.  It was a miserable job on any day, but particularly so on a Sunday.  It did not seem to the untrained eye to be an easy fix, but he stayed with it and got it fixed under difficult circumstances…did I mention that it started to rain?

Anyway, I really appreciate the help that we received from Jason

2017 09-27

Chief Hurley, I do not have specific names to thank, so I will thank you and your entire staff. Yesterday our middle school football team traveled to Fernandina Beach for a football game. When we began to leave our bus broke down. We were able to get our kids on the road with parents who attended the game, but we had a few coaches and bus driver stuck there. A couple of your officers went out of their way to assist us. They offered and drove our driver to wherever she needed to go to get what she needed to repair the bus. If not for your officers, our people would have had to wait for me to come and rescue them. Once again thank you for last night and for all you and your staff do on a regular basis. You all are very much appreciated. Norman W, Associate Athletic Director Transportation Director Episcopal School of Jacksonville 

2017 07-31

Dear Mr. Martin,

I wanted to let you know of the exemplary job done at my home yesterday by one of your employees! I just moved into my new house on 7/29/17 and on the morning of 7/30/17 (a Sunday) I had sewer water backing into my laundry room. A young man named Tim (I didn’t get his last name) came and assessed the problem. He actually left once to get a camera to try and see what was going on. When that didn’t help, he left again and came right back with a different truck that put a line in and put enormous pressure in to break up the obstruction. Within one hour of his arrival he had the obstruction gone and I was able to use water. He had me run water to make sure the line was clear before he left. Tim was very knowledgeable, extremely patient and very kind. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated his work ethics. I felt the only way to thank him is to let you know what a valued employee you have in that man.

Thank You,

Madeline K

2017 07-14


Thank you so much for having our little island cleaned up and the whole cleaned out. You guys always do a fantastic job keeping all of our streets looking nice.


Nancy C

2017 06-21

Good morning Mr. Lester, this note is from Terri and Jeff. We wanted you to know how grateful we are to you and the folks you work with!! We so appreciated the work y'all did to take down the tree in front of the house. turns out it was hollow all the way down, probably a far greater danger than we realized!!! Brad Miller and his crew did an awesome job!!! We appreciate how you took care of all the details!!! We only bought our home a little over a year ago, but have been super impressed with the community and city government!! Thanks again!!!!

Terri and Jeff

2017 06-15


On behalf of the 8 Flags Playscapes team, I would like to give you and your team a huge thank you. I understand that your team was at the park on Tuesday and after the work that was done, it looks amazing. THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT JOB!!!!!

Aaron M


8 Flags Playscapes , Inc.

2017 05-21

Recently I called the Parks & Recreation Dept. with questions regarding possible placement of a bench on Centre St. in memory of my niece's son, Kelly Mixon. Kelly was from FB and sadly, was KIA in Afghanistan. (Our family established a 501 (c) (3) organization in his memory:

I want to let you know how impressed I was with your staff member, Scott Mikelson. He patiently listened to my many questions and gave informed answers. He was very knowledgeable about the entire bench placement process and offered several helpful suggestions, encouraging me to call again if he could provide further assistance.

It was a pleasure to speak with Scott; he is definitely a credit to your department.


2017 04-27

Just a note to say “Thanks” from the cycling community on Amelia Island for the recent speed bump replacements at Main Beach. As you might guess the previous sharply angled humps resulted in a couple of cyclists going down due to inattention. That includes me. My friends say I got good height but could not stick the landing.

The new more curved humps allow us to cross the road with reasonable assurance of getting there.

We know you and your team have a big job keeping the city paved and safe. We appreciate your efforts as we see them firsthand and up close. Please keep up the good work


2017 03-14

Sheila F. contacted Utility Billing using a sign language interpreter and was assisted by Pam. Through the interpreter, she wished to express her sincere gratitude for Pam’s patience and professionalism. She very much appreciates being able to communicate via email.

2017 02-28

Dear Mr. Lester;

A few weeks back after seeing numerous cars parked all over the little grass there is at Walkover #29 I called your offices to see if some replacement used railroad ties could again be placed to protect the grass. Over the past 6 years we've been here the pressure to park anywhere and everywhere at this beach Walkover has gotten to the point of cars doubled parked,etc.

I was away for a few days with work and returned home late yesterday. To my surprise early today I saw new concrete car bumpers at each parking space and along the edge of the grass. My sincere thanks to you and your department for making this happen. I really did not expect this to be "gotten to" for many months. What a wonderful surprise this attention to detail.

Amelia Island has for us become a very special place. We remind each and everyone of our guests that the beach~~the ocean are in our minds eye an extension of our home requiring stewardship. Thank you again for being a part of this for us.

Robert and Linda R

2017 02-28

Mr. Johnston wanted me to convey his appreciation for a job well done on the repair of a riser leak he had Friday night. The serviceman was Joshua Glisson.

Melissa H.

Utility Billing Supervisor

2017 01-25

Thank you so much Sue [Tommy Carless and Mark Jones] this is the second leak under the slab in the past 3 years, the first one cost around $1300...

MOST of all I so much appreciate all of you taking the time to let me know my water was running like a river under ground.

Will be in touch soon,

Sandy T

2016 11-10

Dear Mr. Brown:

I wanted to take a minute and congratulate you and your team on the excellent service I consistently receive as a Fernandina Beach water and sewer customer. From the establishment of service, to a most recent after hours call, every member of the team I have encountered is:

1. Professional

2. Genuine

3. Knowledgeable

I called after hours, received a courteous operator, and in record time, Joshua [Davis] arrived. He is polite and efficient, he does credit to your organization. I have called twice and received assistance from Ms. Bell, she too is efficient, polite, and pragmatic.

I’ve lived in Tallahassee, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Delray Beach. Never have I had such superior and consistent service. Thank you.


Amy T.

2016 08-11


The thanks go in your direction. I am a Californian, my son owns two of the units, and the responsiveness of your department impresses me. I mean that across the board: from my first contact early last summer with Pam B., now Alice, also the person who came out to restart the meter last week, and yourself.


Wilton M

2016 08-02

Thank you Sue. We actually installed irrigation and planted new plantings in the front and sod in the rear.

I really appreciate you looking out for me.


(This email was received in response to Sue's inquiry relating to higher water usage.)

2016 08-02

Dear Sue,

Yes, I just had the front planted extensively and wanted to make sure everything took with the dry July. I can probably cut it back now AND I really appreciate you taking time to notify me, great customer care, thank you!


Dawn T

(This email was received in response to Sue's inquiry relating to higher water usage.)

2016 08-01

I am a part time resident and looking to retire here. However, I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the outstanding customer service I received this morning from your staff at the Community Development front desk and especially from Ms. Kelly Gibson.

I came in just after 11 am without an appointment. Due to the breadth and depth of my questions about two residential lots I am considering to purchase, Ms. Gibson was called down to speak to me. She was extremely knowledgeable and patiently worked through all my questions until I was satisfied. Although it was 12:30 pm, and likely well into her lunch hour when I left, she never once made me feel rushed or pushed and my customer satisfaction was clearly her number one priority.

Often government is criticized for poor service and seen as a obstacle to progress and development. Often times folks likely contact you only if there is a problem. So, I thought I'd make you aware that Ms. Gibson performed extremely well today and that I genuinely appreciated her efforts. Thank you to you and your staff. Have a wonderful day.


Pat C.

2016 07-25

Last Friday night we had a water pipe break on Robert Oliver Ave. I called the emergency number and Joshua [Glisson] immediately came out-jumped into a 4X4' hole filled with water (clothes and all) Found the broken valve-turned it off-drained the water and replaced the broken pipe. Then called for a bucket loader for sand to fill in the hole so residents could safely travel on the road-all within 2-3 hours. Great job and we all (80 residents) appreciated the quick response and good work.

Jamie M

VP-Egans landing Homeowners Assoc

2016 06-13


Thanks again for all of your wonderful help the last couple years as I have navigated getting my dad’s house taken care of. You have been the best to work with!!!!

S. Harper

2016 05-09

Marshall -

I tried to stop by to visit with you. I wanted to thank you and your staff for being so nice and helpful.

For very nearly 30 years, one of my specialties has been preparing packages for processes similar to your TRC. I have worked with over 300 municipalities all across the country. I have learned that every organization has one nice, helpful person somewhere in the organization. Sometime ONLY one. The trick has always been finding that person.

But, in your City, EVERY single person that I spoke to, both in my initial project research and in preparing the TRC package, was both helpful and nice while being so. Every one! You have no idea how rare that is. After I complete the TRC process, please make sure that all your folks get a pat on the head, or a kind word, or a massive raise. Or something!


A. Tidball