Feedback From Citizens/Customers

2018 12-12

Message from Facebook User: 
Thank you to maintenance, streets, and parks for your hard work cutting the limbs and brush that obscured our corner this morning. 

2018 10-23

Message from a Citizen who rented a facility with Parks and Recreation: 

Thank you! Event was great! Great space and Janice was extremely helpful. We love this City, Thank you!!

2018 10-04 

Message from Facebook User: 
Thank you to the Utilities Department for their thorough, professional, and very quick response to our residential water odor report. I made the report late yesterday afternoon and this morning, a water utility officer was at our door. He resolved the issue and was extremely professional and knowledgeable. The outstanding customer service was much appreciated!  

2018 07-19

Rave for the Rec Center staff that took a bus load of young campers to the AMC theater in Yulee today, and rave to the kids! Had we not seen them in the theater before the movie started we never would have known they were there. Such a perfectly

mannered and respectful large group of children. Kids sometimes get a bad rap. These kids were great!

2018 07-14

Mr. B. expressed his sincere praises to Adam Shivley for his professional and timely actions in the field that solved his water use and billing problem.  He also praised the Utility Billing staff for their professionalism in following up on the status of his account.

2018 07-12

Message for Rex Lester and his team: Thank you for taking such swift action on that rotting tree. You guys are the best! 

2018 05-24

I want to thank you for addressing the damaged trees in the Pirates Cove HOA area. The trees were damaged in the last hurricane and were at risk of falling down, placing us and our neighbors at risk. Your response to my call was timely and the trees were removed yesterday. You and your crew did a great job. Thanks again. CHS

2018 04-30

Citizen phone message: Jimmy and Larry are doing a GREAT job! The Dune Wood Place has never been better. Thank you so much to the Streets guys! Please pass it on!

2018 04-27

Harriet Davis,
Thank you so much for your help with the inspection stuff. I really appreciate your help and concern.
Again, THANKS!!! You are my "hero of the week"!!!

2018 04-18

I felt it important to write today to you all to let you know what a great experience it has been to work with the city and especially your building dept. on our Aspire Senior living project. I’m a senior project superintendent that has worked in many states and city’s over the past 35 yrs and have had only a few building departments where I felt like they understood the contractor's side of the relationship and worked as a TEAM to get the job going and keep it going. Your dept. is definitely one of those few. Everyone on your TEAM from Tony, Flip and all the ladies behind the counter ,they all have worked very hard throughout the whole process and continue to help us every day. They are a big part of why  our project is on schedule and successful and have all the confidence it will finish in the same manner. I will repeat the key word and that is TEAM, your guys and gals in your building dept. have been TEAM mates.   

2018 02-19

Message to Sue Edwards in Utility Billing

Thank you so much for your kindness and help with this issue...we are grateful!!! The city is very lucky to have you and we are appreciative of your follow up with next month as well. Thank you so very much. Have a great day.

2018 02-19

Good Morning Mr. Martin,
We are so pleased to see that the debris clean up on Hickory has started!  Please extend our sincerest “thank you” to the crew. We truly appreciate their hard work. The neighborhood of Shell Cove is grateful.

2018 02-13

Letter from Barnabas

2018 02-12

Hi Dale,
Just want you to know that your staff were very professional and courteous in trying to assist us in our efforts towards the permitting process with the new Council on Aging building.  There are still a few loose ends on the COA side that we will have to take care of, but I just want to let you know how helpful they have been.  I owe them my gratitude.

Thanks so much,

2018 01-09

Message to Sue Edwards in Utility Billing
Thank you very much for the attention you are extending to us concerning this matter.
Excellent service very much appreciated!   D and M

2017 12-14

DC of Amelia Park called late yesterday to report her encounter with Maintenance Department staff regarding her hurricane debris. She called Cathy and in less than twenty-four hours, Rex came out, took a picture, and had the debris removed. Ms. C was very impressed and wanted us to know she thinks Cathy is a “magnificent customer service representative!” 

2017 12-06

Compliment for the Atlantic Rec Center: 
We have a lovely gentleman who uses the fitness room.  He stopped in twice, once with Sarah, and then with Jodi, to let us know what a great job we’re doing!  He said he loves coming here because everyone is personable and friendly, the gym is always clean, we get new equipment, if there is anything that’s broken, we get it fixed in a timely manner, and it’s affordable!

2017 11-9
Letter of Commendation for Angie

2017 10-23

Dear Mr. Martin, I wrote to you about the blockage in the drainage ditch on the city course behind our home about a week ago. 
I just wanted to let you know that the blockage has been cleared and the city employees did a great job in doing it. I appreciate what has been done. Thank you.

2017 10-17
Letter for Michelle and Sal

2017 10-16

Thank you so much! I must say I wish all of the building departments were like yours. It's always a pleasure. You all are so very helpful.  Thank you all!

2017 10-10

Dear Juan, 

Some contractors broke the water pipe that goes into the meter at my house on Sunday.  We had no water in our house and the water was spirting up at the break.  We called the city and Jason came out.  It was a miserable job on any day, but particularly so on a Sunday.  It did not seem to the untrained eye to be an easy fix, but he stayed with it and got it fixed under difficult circumstances…did I mention that it started to rain?
Anyway, I really appreciate the help that we received from Jason

2017 09-27

Chief Hurley, I do not have specific names to thank, so I will thank you and your entire staff. Yesterday our middle school football team traveled to Fernandina Beach for a football game. When we began to leave our bus broke down. We were able to get our kids on the road with parents who attended the game, but we had a few coaches and bus driver stuck there. A couple of your officers went out of their way to assist us. They offered and drove our driver to wherever she needed to go to get what she needed to repair the bus. If not for your officers, our people would have had to wait for me to come and rescue them. Once again thank you for last night and for all you and your staff do on a regular basis. You all are very much appreciated. Norman W, Associate Athletic Director Transportation Director Episcopal School of Jacksonville 

2017 07-31

Dear Mr. Martin,

I wanted to let you know of the exemplary job done at my home yesterday by one of your employees! I just moved into my new house on 7/29/17 and on the morning of 7/30/17 (a Sunday) I had sewer water backing into my laundry room. A young man named Tim (I didn’t get his last name) came and assessed the problem. He actually left once to get a camera to try and see what was going on. When that didn’t help, he left again and came right back with a different truck that put a line in and put enormous pressure in to break up the obstruction. Within one hour of his arrival he had the obstruction gone and I was able to use water. He had me run water to make sure the line was clear before he left. Tim was very knowledgeable, extremely patient and very kind. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated his work ethics. I felt the only way to thank him is to let you know what a valued employee you have in that man.

Thank You,
Madeline K

2017 07-14

Thank you so much for having our little island cleaned up and the whole cleaned out. You guys always do a fantastic job keeping all of our streets looking nice.
Nancy C

2017 06-21

Good morning Mr. Lester, this note is from Terri and Jeff. We wanted you to know how grateful we are to you and the folks you work with!! We so appreciated the work y'all did to take down the tree in front of the house. turns out it was hollow all the way down, probably a far greater danger than we realized!!! Brad Miller and his crew did an awesome job!!! We appreciate how you took care of all the details!!! We only bought our home a little over a year ago, but have been super impressed with the community and city government!! Thanks again!!!!
Terri and Jeff

2017 06-15


On behalf of the 8 Flags Playscapes team, I would like to give you and your team a huge thank you. I understand that your team was at the park on Tuesday and after the work that was done, it looks amazing. THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT JOB!!!!!

Aaron M
8 Flags Playscapes , Inc.

2017 05-21

Recently I called the Parks & Recreation Dept. with questions regarding possible placement of a bench on Centre St. in memory of my niece's son, Kelly Mixon. Kelly was from FB and sadly, was KIA in Afghanistan. (Our family established a 501 (c) (3) organization in his memory:

I want to let you know how impressed I was with your staff member, Scott Mikelson. He patiently listened to my many questions and gave informed answers. He was very knowledgeable about the entire bench placement process and offered several helpful suggestions, encouraging me to call again if he could provide further assistance.

It was a pleasure to speak with Scott; he is definitely a credit to your department.


2017 04-27

Just a note to say “Thanks” from the cycling community on Amelia Island for the recent speed bump replacements at Main Beach. As you might guess the previous sharply angled humps resulted in a couple of cyclists going down due to inattention. That includes me. My friends say I got good height but could not stick the landing.
The new more curved humps allow us to cross the road with reasonable assurance of getting there.
We know you and your team have a big job keeping the city paved and safe. We appreciate your efforts as we see them firsthand and up close. Please keep up the good work

2017 04-24

Letter from Nassau County Volunteer Center

2017 03-14

Sheila F. contacted Utility Billing using a sign language interpreter and was assisted by Pam. Through the interpreter, she wished to express her sincere gratitude for Pam’s patience and professionalism. She very much appreciates being able to communicate via email.

2017 02-28

Dear Mr. Lester;

A few weeks back after seeing numerous cars parked all over the little grass there is at Walkover #29 I called your offices to see if some replacement used railroad ties could again be placed to protect the grass. Over the past 6 years we've been here the pressure to park anywhere and everywhere at this beach Walkover has gotten to the point of cars doubled parked,etc.

I was away for a few days with work and returned home late yesterday. To my surprise early today I saw new concrete car bumpers at each parking space and along the edge of the grass. My sincere thanks to you and your department for making this happen. I really did not expect this to be "gotten to" for many months. What a wonderful surprise this attention to detail.

Amelia Island has for us become a very special place. We remind each and everyone of our guests that the beach~~the ocean are in our minds eye an extension of our home requiring stewardship. Thank you again for being a part of this for us.

Robert and Linda R

2017 02-28

Mr. Johnston wanted me to convey his appreciation for a job well done on the repair of a riser leak he had Friday night. The serviceman was Joshua Glisson.

Melissa H.
Utility Billing Supervisor

2017 02-14

Thank you to Kelly Gibson

2017 01-26

Thank you to John Mandrick

2017 01-25

Thank you so much Sue [Tommy Carless and Mark Jones] this is the second leak under the slab in the past 3 years, the first one cost around $1300...

MOST of all I so much appreciate all of you taking the time to let me know my water was running like a river under ground.

Will be in touch soon,

Sandy T

2016 11-10

Dear Mr. Brown:

I wanted to take a minute and congratulate you and your team on the excellent service I consistently receive as a Fernandina Beach water and sewer customer. From the establishment of service, to a most recent after hours call, every member of the team I have encountered is:
1. Professional
2. Genuine
3. Knowledgeable

I called after hours, received a courteous operator, and in record time, Joshua [Davis] arrived. He is polite and efficient, he does credit to your organization. I have called twice and received assistance from Ms. Bell, she too is efficient, polite, and pragmatic.

I’ve lived in Tallahassee, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Delray Beach. Never have I had such superior and consistent service. Thank you.


Amy T.

2016 11-07

Compliments to Fernandina Beach Airport staff

2016 10-13

Compliments to Airport Staff

2016 08-11


The thanks go in your direction. I am a Californian, my son owns two of the units, and the responsiveness of your department impresses me. I mean that across the board: from my first contact early last summer with Pam B., now Alice, also the person who came out to restart the meter last week, and yourself.


Wilton M

2016 08-02

Thank you Sue. We actually installed irrigation and planted new plantings in the front and sod in the rear.

I really appreciate you looking out for me.


(This email was received in response to Sue's inquiry relating to higher water usage.)

2016 08-02

Dear Sue,

Yes, I just had the front planted extensively and wanted to make sure everything took with the dry July. I can probably cut it back now AND I really appreciate you taking time to notify me, great customer care, thank you!

Dawn T

(This email was received in response to Sue's inquiry relating to higher water usage.)

2016 08-01

I am a part time resident and looking to retire here. However, I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the outstanding customer service I received this morning from your staff at the Community Development front desk and especially from Ms. Kelly Gibson.

I came in just after 11 am without an appointment. Due to the breadth and depth of my questions about two residential lots I am considering to purchase, Ms. Gibson was called down to speak to me. She was extremely knowledgeable and patiently worked through all my questions until I was satisfied. Although it was 12:30 pm, and likely well into her lunch hour when I left, she never once made me feel rushed or pushed and my customer satisfaction was clearly her number one priority.

Often government is criticized for poor service and seen as a obstacle to progress and development. Often times folks likely contact you only if there is a problem. So, I thought I'd make you aware that Ms. Gibson performed extremely well today and that I genuinely appreciated her efforts. Thank you to you and your staff. Have a wonderful day.

Pat C.

2016 07-25

Last Friday night we had a water pipe break on Robert Oliver Ave. I called the emergency number and Joshua [Glisson] immediately came out-jumped into a 4X4' hole filled with water (clothes and all) Found the broken valve-turned it off-drained the water and replaced the broken pipe. Then called for a bucket loader for sand to fill in the hole so residents could safely travel on the road-all within 2-3 hours. Great job and we all (80 residents) appreciated the quick response and good work.

Jamie M
VP-Egans landing Homeowners Assoc

2016 06-13

Thanks again for all of your wonderful help the last couple years as I have navigated getting my dad’s house taken care of. You have been the best to work with!!!!

S. Harper

2016 05-09

Marshall -

I tried to stop by to visit with you. I wanted to thank you and your staff for being so nice and helpful.

For very nearly 30 years, one of my specialties has been preparing packages for processes similar to your TRC. I have worked with over 300 municipalities all across the country. I have learned that every organization has one nice, helpful person somewhere in the organization. Sometime ONLY one. The trick has always been finding that person.

But, in your City, EVERY single person that I spoke to, both in my initial project research and in preparing the TRC package, was both helpful and nice while being so. Every one! You have no idea how rare that is. After I complete the TRC process, please make sure that all your folks get a pat on the head, or a kind word, or a massive raise. Or something!

A. Tidball