The following list of Emergency Shelters does not represent the order in which shelters will be opened. Shelters are opened on an as-needed, space-available basis.

You should verify the availability of shelters by listening to your radio or television, or by calling the Emergency Management Office at (800) 958-3494.

Yulee High School - General Population

85375 Miner Road
Yulee, FL 32097

Yulee Middle School - General Population

85439 Miner Road
Yulee, FL 32097

Yulee Elementary School - General Population & Pet Friendly

Registration Required

86063 Felmore Road
Yulee, FL 32097

West Nassau High School - General Population

1 Warrior Drive
Callahan, FL 32011

Callahan Intermediate - General Population

34586 Ball Park Road
Callahan, FL 32011

Hilliard Middle - Senior High School - Special Needs Only

Registration Required

1 Flashes Avenue
Hilliard, FL 32045

Hilliard Elementary (General Population)

27568 Ohio Street
Hilliard, FL 32045


All owners must pre-register their pets with Nassau County Animal Control. Please call (904) 225-0006, (904) 225-2298 or (800) 894-7006 for registration and information.

Nassau County Code Enforcement/Animal Control may provide water and other equipment and supplies, including cages, food and other care items, as available.

Pet owners will supply all necessary equipment and supplies for their pets, including:
  • Cage (required)
  • Food
  • Water
  • Medications
  • Bedding (blankets, towels, sheets, etc.)
  • Other items for pet care

Pet Guidelines

Pet owners must remain the co-located general population shelter while their pet is in the pet shelter. In addition:
  • All animals in the pet shelter must be kept in cages.
  • While in the pet shelter, pet owners will have full responsibility for care of their pets, including feeding, walking, cleaning etc.
  • Pet owners should be aware that they may not have access to their pets during extreme hazardous conditions, such as during the height of the hurricane.
  • Only dogs and cats are allowed in the pet shelters at this time.