The mission statement of the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport is to provide a safe, attractive and well-maintained airport facility; to support the economic development of our community; to be responsive to the business and recreational needs of our residents, neighbors, visitors and users; to operate in an efficient, self-sustaining and prudent manner; and to be in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local regulations.

City Clerk
The Office of the City Clerk is dedicated to providing exceptional service to the citizens of the City of Fernandina Beach, our fellow employees, and any persons requiring assistance from this office. We are committed to be helpful, expedient, thorough, accurate, courteous, and friendly in any duty we perform. We believe that only through teamwork and a higher standard of work ethic and integrity can the citizens and our fellow employees truly be served.

Community Development Department (CDD)
The Community Development Department is dedicated to providing a full range of community services including: comprehensive planning, development plan review, building permit review, building inspections, code enforcement, occupational licensing and citizen advisory board administration. The Department achieves its commitment to efficient, effective and responsive public service through quality employees, adherence to responsible planning principles and practices, utilization of current technologies and commitment to excellence.

Finance Department
The mission of the Finance Department is to serve the citizens of the City of Fernandina Beach by effective coordination of the fiscal management of the City through efficiently providing timely, responsive, and comprehensive financial support services to citizens, employees and all of our customers. To this end, we commit to proactive rather than reactive, to improve communication, and to encourage a spirit of cooperation and innovation. We will continue to value and foster the honesty and dependability of our employees and shall demonstrate integrity in the issuance and management of information.

Fire Rescue
The Fernandina Beach Fire-Rescue Department is dedicated and committed to protecting the lives, environment, and property of the citizens and visitors of the City of Fernandina Beach by providing the highest level of professional service. This mission will be accomplished through:
  1. Teamwork
  2. Fire suppression and mitigation of hazardous materials
  3. Fire prevention and public safety
  4. Emergency medical care by certified Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics
  5. Continuous training which includes confined space and high angle rescue technology
Golf Club
It is the mission of the Fernandina Beach Golf Club to provide the highest experience for residents and visitors alike. We will achieve our goals by utilizing professional expertise and extending outstanding customer service with respect for the game of GOLF.

Human Resources
It is our mission to support the total operation of the City of Fernandina Beach in meeting its goals through its most valuable resource - its PEOPLE. To this end, we will attract, develop, and retain highly competent employees, while ensuring a safe and enriching work environment where employees are encouraged to be creative and innovative in achieving the goals of the organization. In all of our operations, we will provide quality service with integrity, responsiveness, and sensitivity.

Facilities Maintenance
The mission of the Facilities Maintenance Division is to provide safe and secure City facilities for visitors and City employees alike in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Street Maintenance
The mission of the Street Division is to provide safe and secure streets and right-of-ways within the City limits in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Fleet Maintenance
The mission of the Vehicle Maintenance Division is to provide quality repairs and maintenance to all City owned vehicles and equipment in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Fernandina Harbor Marina
Fernandina Harbor Marina, as a self-sustaining business of the Marina Department for the City of Fernandina Beach, is dedicated to exceptional service to the community and our customers. As Ambassadors for the City, we believe in offering a Sunshine State welcome to all boaters, by providing personalized service from a competent and pleasant staff. As the gateway to Florida, we are committed to enhancing our environment through education of our guests, and best management practices of our employees. Our mission will be achieved through quality employees, teamwork, caring, integrity, initiative and a commitment to excellence.

Parks and Recreation
The Fernandina Beach Parks and Recreation Department is committed to providing quality services to the Public through a visible sense of caring, integrity, and fairness to our overall goal of serving the community.

To serve the public in partnership with our community, to protect life and property, to reduce crime through both proactive intervention and competent response, to resolve conflict through creative problem solving strategies, and to respect human dignity at all times.
"Sworn to Protect, Dedicated to Serve"

Utilities Department
We, the employees of the Fernandina Beach Utility Department will continually strive to perform our duties with pride, teamwork and diligence. A job well-done will be the conclusion of each assignment. Working together as a group, we will give a careful and steady effort to accomplish this end.