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Hurricane Preparedness
What is a Hurricane?
A hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone, which is a generic term for a low pressure system that generally forms in the tropics. The cyclone is accompanied by thunderstorms and, in the Northern Hemisphere, a counterclockwise circulation of winds near the earth's surface. Tropical cyclones are classified as follows:

Tropical Depression
An organized system of clouds and thunderstorms with a defined surface circulation and maximum sustained winds* of 38 mph (33 kt**) or less

Tropical Storm
An organized system of strong thunderstorms with a defined surface circulation and maximum sustained winds of 39-73 mph (34-63 kt)

An intense tropical weather system of strong thunderstorms with a well-defined surface circulation and maximum sustained winds of 74 mph (64 kt) or higher

Before The Storm
  • Be ready to put your plan and preparation into action. 
  • Pay attention to local weather reports on radio, television, or the internet. 
  • Have house boarded up, or have storm shutters in place. 
  • Have plenty of food and water. 
  • Make sure all your tools, supplies, and first aid kit available for use.
  • Have a secure room available.

When A Watch Or Warning Is Issued
  • Leave low lying areas. 
  • Protect windows with plywood boards or storm shutters.
  • Secure outside objects. 
  • Make sure you have plenty of fuel and water. 
  • Have several days supply of food and water for each family member. 
  • If called to evacuate, do so immediately.

During The Storm
  • Stay in Secure Room. 
  • Stay away from windows. 
  • Do not use the phone, or candles. 
  • Monitor Weather and Civil Service Bulletins on either regular or NOAA radio. 
  • Have supplies on hand. 
  • Remain indoors when the eye moves over your area because the storm will resume shortly.

After The Storm
  • Make sure that all is definitely clear outside, and the storm has completely passed before going out. 
  • Report downed power lines, and stay away from them. 
  • Use stored water and food. 
  • Be Patient. Things will take a while before they get back to normal.