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F2: Forward Fernandina
What Is Forward Fernandina?
Forward Fernandina (F2) is a partnership between the City of Fernandina Beach and the Amelia Island-Fernandina Restoration Foundation (Restoration Foundation) focused on strategic planning for the revitalization of downtown and adjacent areas, including the Amelia River Waterfront, the 8th Street entryway, and surrounding neighborhoods. F2 capitalizes on prior community visioning efforts, particularly Vision 2000, in order to continue momentum towards reaching community-identified goals.

For more information, contact the City Manager’s Office at (904) 310-3100, or visit the Restoration Foundation’s website and view their Frequently Asked Questions about F2.

Strategic Plan: F2 for FY 2011-2016
F2 City Manager's Quarterly Update #1 Presentation 
Special Meeting on 11/15/2011 Presentation by: Michael Czymbor, Kelly Gibson, and Curtis Burkett (Zev Cohen and Associates)

Forward Fernandina: An Investment in Our Community
By City Manager Michael Czymbor

10/7/2011: F2 Implementation Update from the City Manager

On August 16, 2011, the City Commission unanimously approved the Forward Fernandina Strategic Plan. (The document may take a moment to load.)

The City Manager's Draft Strategic Plan addressing F2 initiatives for fiscal years (FY) 2011-2016 was made available in early June 2011. The City held a public comment period on the plan from June 17- July 5, 2011. Citizens were encouraged to participate by reading the Draft Strategic Plan online or through hard copies available at the City Hall offices of the City Clerk and the Community Development Department. The comments received during the formal public review period, and a summary of the comments are available for review.

Review materials from past F2 strategic planning meetings.

Goal 1: Waterfront Redevelopment Activities
The City held its Goal 1: Waterfront Redevelopment Activities project kick-off meeting on Friday, December 9, 2011. The event was open to the public with specific invitations sent to identified internal, external, and collaborative stakeholders. Thank you to all who attended and supported the meeting. If you were unable to attend, please take an opportunity to review the presentation or signed project charter. 
F2 Goal 1: Waterfront Redevelopment Project Kick-off Meeting Presentation
F2 Goal 1: Waterfront Redevelopment Project Charter

Waterfront Advisory Group (WAG)

WAG Conceptual Waterfront Park Plan Presentation
(Presented by the WAG on March 22, 2012 and contains color renderings of the plan)
2012 Conceptual Waterfront Park Plan
(This is a black & white rendering of the approved conceptual waterfront park plan)

Waterfronts Advisory Group (WAG) is a committee formed, at the request of the City Commission, to make recommendations on necessary changes to the
existing waterfront park conceptual planThe group consists of one (1) interested citizen, two (2) local architects, and one (1) local civil engineer. After eight (8) public meetings held between  November 2011 and March 2012, the WAG presented its recommendations and revisions. On March 22, 2012, by a vote of 3-2, the City Commission approved the WAG revisions to the conceptual plan and further instructed the City Manager to return with cost estimates of the various plan elements within 45 days. 

Background Materials
Archived Background Materials
View other background materials related to the F2 effort, including Vision 2000/2020, previous waterfront plans, CRA plans, and other studies.