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Feedback From Satisfied Citizens/Customers
2017 03-14
Sheila F. contacted Utility Billing using a sign language interpreter and was assisted by Pam. Through the interpreter, she wished to express her sincere gratitude for Pam’s patience and professionalism. She very much appreciates being able to communicate via email.

2017 02-28
Dear Mr. Lester;

A few weeks back after seeing numerous cars parked all over the little grass there is at Walkover #29 I called your offices to see if some replacement used railroad ties could again be placed to protect the grass. Over the past 6 years we've been here the pressure to park anywhere and everywhere at this beach Walkover has gotten to the point of cars doubled parked,etc.

I was away for a few days with work and returned home late yesterday. To my surprise early today I saw new concrete car bumpers at each parking space and along the edge of the grass. My sincere thanks to you and your department for making this happen. I really did not expect this to be "gotten to" for many months. What a wonderful surprise this attention to detail.

Amelia Island has for us become a very special place. We remind each and everyone of our guests that the beach~~the ocean are in our minds eye an extension of our home requiring stewardship. Thank you again for being a part of this for us.

Robert and Linda R

2017 02-28
Mr. Johnston wanted me to convey his appreciation for a job well done on the repair of a riser leak he had Friday night. The serviceman was Joshua Glisson.

Melissa H.
Utility Billing Supervisor

2017 01-25
Thank you so much Sue [Tommy Carless and Mark Jones] this is the second leak under the slab in the past 3 years, the first one cost around $1300...

MOST of all I so much appreciate all of you taking the time to let me know my water was running like a river under ground.

Will be in touch soon,

Sandy T

2016 11-10

Dear Mr. Brown:

I wanted to take a minute and congratulate you and your team on the excellent service I consistently receive as a Fernandina Beach water and sewer customer. From the establishment of service, to a most recent after hours call, every member of the team I have encountered is:
1. Professional
2. Genuine
3. Knowledgeable

I called after hours, received a courteous operator, and in record time, Joshua [Davis] arrived. He is polite and efficient, he does credit to your organization. I have called twice and received assistance from Ms. Bell, she too is efficient, polite, and pragmatic.

I’ve lived in Tallahassee, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Delray Beach. Never have I had such superior and consistent service. Thank you.


Amy T.

2016 08-11

The thanks go in your direction. I am a Californian, my son owns two of the units, and the responsiveness of your department impresses me. I mean that across the board: from my first contact early last summer with Pam B., now Alice, also the person who came out to restart the meter last week, and yourself.


Wilton M

2016 08-02
Thank you Sue. We actually installed irrigation and planted new plantings in the front and sod in the rear.

I really appreciate you looking out for me.


(This email was received in response to Sue's inquiry relating to higher water usage.)

2016 08-02
Dear Sue,

Yes, I just had the front planted extensively and wanted to make sure everything took with the dry July. I can probably cut it back now AND I really appreciate you taking time to notify me, great customer care, thank you!

Dawn T

(This email was received in response to Sue's inquiry relating to higher water usage.)

2016 08-01
I am a part time resident and looking to retire here. However, I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the outstanding customer service I received this morning from your staff at the Community Development front desk and especially from Ms. Kelly Gibson.

I came in just after 11 am without an appointment. Due to the breadth and depth of my questions about two residential lots I am considering to purchase, Ms. Gibson was called down to speak to me. She was extremely knowledgeable and patiently worked through all my questions until I was satisfied. Although it was 12:30 pm, and likely well into her lunch hour when I left, she never once made me feel rushed or pushed and my customer satisfaction was clearly her number one priority.

Often government is criticized for poor service and seen as a obstacle to progress and development. Often times folks likely contact you only if there is a problem. So, I thought I'd make you aware that Ms. Gibson performed extremely well today and that I genuinely appreciated her efforts. Thank you to you and your staff. Have a wonderful day.

Pat C.

2016 07-25
Last Friday night we had a water pipe break on Robert Oliver Ave. I called the emergency number and Joshua [Glisson] immediately came out-jumped into a 4X4' hole filled with water (clothes and all) Found the broken valve-turned it off-drained the water and replaced the broken pipe. Then called for a bucket loader for sand to fill in the hole so residents could safely travel on the road-all within 2-3 hours. Great job and we all (80 residents) appreciated the quick response and good work.

Jamie M
VP-Egans landing Homeowners Assoc

2016 06-13
Thanks again for all of your wonderful help the last couple years as I have navigated getting my dad’s house taken care of. You have been the best to work with!!!!

S. Harper

2016 05-09
Marshall -

I tried to stop by to visit with you. I wanted to thank you and your staff for being so nice and helpful.

For very nearly 30 years, one of my specialties has been preparing packages for processes similar to your TRC. I have worked with over 300 municipalities all across the country. I have learned that every organization has one nice, helpful person somewhere in the organization. Sometime ONLY one. The trick has always been finding that person.

But, in your City, EVERY single person that I spoke to, both in my initial project research and in preparing the TRC package, was both helpful and nice while being so. Every one! You have no idea how rare that is. After I complete the TRC process, please make sure that all your folks get a pat on the head, or a kind word, or a massive raise. Or something!

A. Tidball

2016 04-01
Dear Mr. Martin:

I am taking the opportunity to let you know of the outstanding service of one of the employees of Fernandina Beach. This morning I had the pleasure of meeting a new employee, he told me his name is Allen and am not sure if that is the correct spelling. He was outside of the Main Beach Restrooms scooping up sand that had migrated from the beach. I asked if that was his job, and he replied that it was not, but he saw that it needed to be done when he lasted visited the area and brought a shovel along. The restrooms, were also well done, fully stocked, sand removed from the sinks and the floors had just been mopped. I was in awe, as I walk there everyday on my way to the beach and use the facilities.

I have heard from visitors that the place needed to be cleaned up better and I agreed. This young man, he said he was a retired fire fighter from Georgia, as I did not get his last name, went above and beyond to do his job. When I see someone who makes sure our city shines for visitors, I take the time to let the city know.
He is an exemplary employee, who needs to be acknowledged in my opinion.

Karen N.

2016 03-16

My former career as a city manager, county administrator and CEO of a State authority qualifies me to be a pretty good judge of the quality of public service.

In the past couple of weeks a little home improvement project has required me to interact with the City's building permit section by phone and a number of time in person. Everyone (Brad, Sylvie and others) were very helpful - not only helpful but acted like they were actually happy to help me. Brad in particular went out of his way to make sure that the door and windows I had ordered met the code even before the review process began. (By this I mean that he talked directly with the Home Depot "expediter" about the product code and rating of the windows that I had ordered and determined they did not meet code even though the HD salespeople assured me they did.)
This operation gets my "A+" rating.

As a former Chair of the ICMA Board Committee on Professional Conduct and a former ICMA President, I was happy to see your column on the Code of Ethics. I always maintained that the most important product we sell is "integrity" and the Code reinforces that. And I also agree that the prohibition on political contributions saved me a ton of money over my career.

As the current chair of the ICMA Credentialing Advisory Board I was thrilled to see that four of the five finalists for the FB job were CMs. The fifth would not qualify yet because of the level of executive experience. It is good to see that the manager in my community is a CM!

Best of luck in your career here.

G. Curtis Branscome

2016 03-07
I want to let you know how wonderful Bobby was in our process of renting the road for parking (at the Airport) and his overall support in assisting us with all of our questions and concerns. He was a huge help and a great representative for the City of Fernandina Beach.

C. Fish
Rotary Club of Amelia Island Sunrise

2016 02-16
Mr. Martin,

On Wednesday, February 10, 2016, I attempted to contact Advanced Disposal to advise yard waste next to the home of my neighbor had not been picked up for two weeks. After waiting on hold for more than 3 minutes, I decided to call the city's Maintenance Department. I spoke with Patti Mack and explained the issue with Advanced. Patti indicated she would research the matter and, that afternoon, Advanced came out and picked up the yard waste. Subsequently, Patti contacted me to determine if the yard waste issue had been resolved.

I would like to commend Patti for her timely response to my call and, more importantly, for her follow up. Oftentimes city officials are only contacted by residents with complaints. I just want to apprise you and the Mayor of Patti's efforts on my behalf and to advise that her efforts were very much appreciated.


John B

2016 02-12

We want to tell you how impressed we are with the way in which your crews are carrying out their work installing the gravity sewer [in Old Town]. They are taking care to keep the spoil within the roadway and clearing up well each evening. Thank you.

Mike/Jenny Harrison

2016 02-09
Mr. Mandrick,

I called Feb 8, 2016 to report a drain that was backing up in in our townhouse.
your office sent over KERRY who was very professional and quick responding,
we appreciate your prompt attention.

Gail and Wayne Lewis

2016 02-05
Dale Martin,

I want to express my appreciation for a job well done for your staff in the Street & Parks Department... I spoke to a lady named Patti about the condition of S 4th Street being a muddy unkempt and unsafe mess of a road.

She informed me that she would see what could be done. Naturally I was expecting a long and "drawn out" process and maybe never to hear from her again. But to my total amazement, two days later I find a City large construction vehicle working on my road. I want to thank Patti publicly for the rapid response to my phone call.

It shows that the employees of the City of Fernandina Beach are the BEST...

Again Thanks...
Kathy M