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Airport Mission Statement

Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport is a coastal resort, general aviation airport, which is operated, maintained, and preserved for the benefit of the community and airport users.


The Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport is committed to supporting the economic, environmental, and recreational needs of the community through safe and secure operations and fiscal self-sustainment.


The objective of the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport is to support its mission and vision through the operation, maintenance, and development of airport services and infrastructure that is accountable to its constituents, provides appropriate airport facilities, and supports compatible business uses and development. The following goals further define and clarify airport accountability, facilities and business.

Accountable to provide services to:
• Users
• Tenants
• Customers

Financially accountable to:
• Airport sponsor (enterprise fund)
• Grantors

Meeting Regulatory obligations to:
• City of Fernandina

Sensitive to the needs of the community
Sensitive to the environment

Compatible with the mission and vision of the airport
Encouraging economic growth that is specific and targeted
Encourages revenue-generating activities that are competitively priced
Fostering partnerships
Promoting tourism
Responding to the demands of dynamically changing economic influences and aviation technologies
Supporting non-aviation uses on airport or city- owned property that are compatible with typical airport activities
Welcoming to aviation-compatible businesses

Addressing the needs of general aviation users
Addressing the general aviation needs of businesses
Enabling and supporting the acquisition of new assets
Ensuring efficient and effective service quality
Maintaining and retaining current airport assets, including real property, existing runways, taxiways, ramps, runway lengths, and operational utility
Maintaining modern and up to date facilities
Providing a safe environment for all concerned
Providing services and/or economic value to the community
Providing a welcoming gateway to Amelia Island and local communities
Secure (controlled access)
Serving as a regional resource for emergencies


• Clarify the role of the Airport Advisory Commission (AAC) in support of the airport mission, vision and objectives through better definition of specific AAC advisory activities and through the definition of specific communications requirements in support of that role
• Conduct an airport market study in conjunction with the efforts of the Nassau County Economic Board. This study should define the economic value, and potential economic value of the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport.

• Develop three year airport business plan that integrates airport master planning with an airport financial plan. The business plan will provide guidance for the operation and development of the airport. It will include the following elements: operations, organizational development, finance, capital planning, development standards, business and revenue development and targets, property management, airport marketing, and airport services management and development.

• Engage airport users, tenants, and businesses, members of the AAC, and interested members of the community in a dialogue necessary to ensure airport plans are aligned to the airport mission, vision, goals and objectives.

• Prepare a long term Airport master plan update. The airport master plan will provide guidance for the development and operations of the airport.

• Review and Update the Airport Rules and Regulations, and Minimum Standards

• Update the airport action plan on an annual basis.