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Streets & Parks


              Rex A. Lester,
    Streets & Parks Director

For questions concerning Parks & Streets, contact the Maintenance Department at:


1017 S 5th St. Fernandina Beach, FL 32034



The Maintenance Department provides a variety of services to the general public. These services include the maintenance of parks, streets and City right-of-ways. Others tasks performed by this department include:

  • Sidewalk repair and replacement          
  • Curb/gutter repair
  • Maintain ball fields and irrigation systems
  • Maintain parks and playground equipment
  • Maintain boardwalks and vegetation 
  • Storm drainage maintenance and repairs
  • Pothole patching
  • Gravel and dirt road maintenance
  • Tree canopy maintenance
  • Commercial & subdivision site inspections for code and ADA compliance
  • Traffic light and uniform traffic control  
  • Sign maintenance and installation

Street Resurfacing Plan

2013-2014                                                     Completed         
Benjamin St; Broome to end                                       8/14
Broome St; 14th to 15th                                              8/14
Lighthouse Circle                                                        8/14
North 19th St; Highland to Atlantic                              8/14
Indigo St; 8th to 11th                                                   8/14
Kelp St; 8th to 11th                                                      8/14
Highland St; 15th to 17th                                             8/14
Dade St; N 15th to 400' east                                        8/14
Calhoun St; 15th to 17th                                              8/14
West 3rd; Tarpon to west end                                      8/14
Los Robles                                                                   8/14
Mantanzas Ave; First Ave to S Fletcher                       8/14
Manatee Ave; First Ave to S Fletcher                           8/14
Suwanee Ave; First Ave to S Fletcher                          8/14
Kissimmee Ave; First Ave to S Fletcher                       8/14
Alachua Ave; First Ave to S Fletcher                           8/14
Ozello; First Ave to S Fletcher                                      8/14
Beach Access 40                                                          8/14
Dolphin Street Parking Lot                                            8/14
Striping with Thermoplastic                                   On-going
Hot Patching                                                         On-going

2014-2015                                                     Completed         _
Beech St; 14th to Citrona                                                 
S 6th St; Centre to Beech                                                
S 7th St; Centre to Beech                                                
S 9th St; Atlantic to Beech                                                
Estrada; White to Garden                                                
White St; 14th to Estrada                                                
Natures Gate subdivision                                                
Natures Walk subdivision                                                
Library parking lot; resurface, restripe                            
Beech St; 8th to 14th                                                        
Cedar St; 8th to 13th                                                        
  Cedar St; 6th to 8th                                                            
  Hickory St; 8th to 14th                                                        
S 4th St; Centre to Beech                                                
S 5th St; Centre to Beech                                                
S 5th St; Beech to Gum                                                    
S 10th St; Beech to Elm                                                 
Main Beach parking                                                        
       Tarpon Ave; Atlantic to North end                                            
         Jamestown Road                                                                        
        N 17th St; Atlantic to Broome                                                    
         Striping with Thermoplastic                                          On-going
          Hot Patching                                                                 On-going