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General Election - November 3, 2015
Runoff Election (if necessary) - December 8, 2015

Canvassing Board
All meetings of the Canvassing Board will be held at the James S. Page Governmental Complex, 96135 Nassau Place, Tabulation Room/Conference Room A, Yulee, Florida. Additional meetings may be scheduled as required. Refer to each meeting’s agenda for specific actions to be taken at the meeting. To view the complete schedule of Canvassing Board meetings click here.

Qualified Candidates
The following candidates have qualified for the City Commission, Group 4 seat:

Pat K. Gass                                                             Jim B. Higginbotham
(904) 277-7987                                                       (904) 321-0766

Jennifer Schriver                                                     Roy G. Smith
(904) 206-6342                                                       (904) 432-8601

The following candidates have qualified for the City Commission, Group 5 seat:
Clinch Kavanaugh                                                   Leonard A. Kreger  
(904) 753-0370                                                       (904) 432-8389

To view General Election Candidate and Treasurer contact information Click Here.

For additional information about the candidates click here and select the 2015 Fernandina Beach Cycle for the reporting group.  The candidate handbook with links is available by clicking the following link: 2015 City of Fernandina Beach Candidate Handbook.

Straw Ballot - Candidates for Mayor

Commissioner Robin C. Lentz
Vice-Mayor Johnny Miller

Referendum Questions

Question No. 1 Terms of Commissioners And Mayor Term of Office

Should the City Charter be amended to provide that City Commissioners shall serve four (4) year terms instead of three (3) year terms and City elections held every two (2) years in conjunction with county, state and federal elections which will mean the Mayor serves for two (2) years unless removed sooner by majority vote of City Commission?

Question No. 2 Commission Annual Meeting
Should the City Charter be amended to repeal Section 18 regarding the date of the annual organizational meeting and monthly meetings throughout the year since it is redundant and already included in the City Code of Ordinances?

Municipal Elections

The City Clerk coordinates all Municipal Elections with the Nassau County Supervisor of Elections and is the official filing officer for candidates seeking elective office in the City of Fernandina Beach.

Elections are held each year for candidates for the City Commission Group seats as follows:

    Year     Seat(s)
    2015     Groups 4 & 5
    2016*    Group 1 
    2017     Groups 2 & 3
    2018*    Groups 4 & 5

* Combined with Nassau County Elections

General Election - The General Election is held on the first Tuesday, following the first Monday in November of each year.

Run-Off Election - The City Run-Off Election, if needed, is held on the second Tuesday in December each year.

Voter Registration

If you would like to register to vote or need to make changes to your current registration, forms are available at the following locations:

  • City Clerk's Office at City Hall, 204 Ash Street, Fernandina Beach, FL or
  • Nassau County Supervisor of Elections Office, Historic Downtown Courthouse at 402 Centre St., Fernandina Beach, FL or
  • Nassau County Supervisor of Elections Office, 96135 Nassau Place, Suite #3, Yulee, FL

For additional information on registering to vote, please contact the Nassau County Supervisor of Elections at (904) 491-7500 or visit their website at

Vote by Mail Ballots (Absentee Ballots) & Voter Precinct Locations

To find the location of your voting precinct or to request a Vote by Mail Ballot (Absentee Ballot), visit the Nassau County Supervisor of Elections' website at or call (904) 491-7500.