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Flood Protection
Tony Perez-Guerra, Building Official/CFM
204 Ash Street
Fernandina Beach, FL  32034

Ph: (904) 310-3135
Fax: (904) 310-3460

8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday
For over 10 years, Fernandina Beach has participated in the Community Rating System (CRS) of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The City’s Class 6 CRS rating results in a 20 percent discount on flood insurance rates for residents and business owners in special flood hazard areas.

Standard homeowner and commercial property insurance policies do not cover flood losses, so the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administers this program to meet a vital coverage need. It offers federally backed insurance for people in communities that comply with guidelines for flood plain management.

The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 will result in changes to the NFIP. A summary of some of the changes can be viewed here.

Click Here to View Flood Elevation Certificates

Visit Flood Smart, the NFIP website, for tips on flood protection and insurance.

Community Rating System
The Community Rating System gives us points for complying with FEMA standards. The following are examples of how the community earns CRS points:

Our Rating

By following these practices the City acquires CRS points, and with enough points, community residents and business owners are entitled to a discount on flood insurance rates.

Doing everything needed has advanced Fernandina Beach one class higher in 2013. This places us among the top 1/5 of all communities nationally in this program.

The Cost of Flooding
All it takes is a few inches of water to cause major damage to your property. Measure your damage using this interactive tool to see what a flood to your home could cost, inch by inch. 

Flood Smart Interactive Tool

Flood Preparedness
Flood Sign.jpg
Whether your home or business is right by the shore or miles inland owning coastal property comes with a serious risk of flooding. Drenching downpours, wind-driven waves, storm surges, and rising water could put your property at risk of flood damage. After buying flood insurance, here are tips for securing your property and protecting your family's safety. 
  1. Safeguard your possessions
  2. Prepare your house
  3. Develop a family emergency plan
  4. Know your evacuation route