Neighborhood Parks

Camp Amelia Playground

2500 Atlantic Avenue (behind the Atlantic Recreation Center)

This playground is closed to the public during youth camp hours (Monday-Friday, 7:00am-6:00pm). Strictly enforced.

Amenities:  Playground with rubber surfacing; shaded picnic area with 3 picnic tables; access to restrooms near Egans Creek Greenway entrance. Parking available.

Atlantic Park-1Camp Amelia Playground
Atlantic Park-3

Teddy Bear Playground

1200 Atlantic Avenue

Amenities:  Pavilion; picnic tables; open green space; and restrooms.  Parking available.

Egans Creek Park

2201 Atlantic Avenue

Amenities:  Pavilion with picnic tables; kayak launch; Explorer Dome play apparatus; 1/4-mile fitness trail; 4 shaded fitness areas along trail with outdoor fitness equipment; open green space; and restrooms.  Parking available.

EGP-east to west view

MLK, Jr. Park

1200 Elm Street

Amenities:  Playground with rubber surfacing; 3 pavilions with picnic tables; and restrooms.  Parking available.

MLK, Jr Park playgroundMLK, Jr. Park

MLK Jr Park Playground 2

Pirate Playground

2500 Atlantic Avenue

Atlantic Recreation Center Pirate Playground (1)
Pirate Playground, located behind the Atlantic Recreation Center near the entrance to the Egans Creek Greenway, is a community-accessible playground that integrates exercise, art, nature, music, imagination, and local history for children of all physical and mental abilities.  The Playground was created through a partnership with 8 Flags Playscapes, Inc., a non-profit community organization committed to building places where playing is fun for everyone.  For more information about 8 Flags Playscapes, visit

Sunrise Park

1900 Sunrise Drive (along Egans Creek)

Amenities:  Playground; open green space.  Parking available.

Sunrise Park (1)

Simmons Park

1650 Simmons Road

This passive park on Simmons Road, in between South Fletcher Avenue and South 14th Street, has a 1/4 mile ADA-accessible nature trail with benches; pavilion with picnic tables; restrooms; and parking (including bicycle racks).

Simmons Park trail-2

Simmons Park pavilion

Simmons Park pavilion