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Welcome to the Historic District Council (HDC).

The Historic District Council is the City’s primary agency responsible for furthering historic preservation within the city.

As a board member there are multiple resources that you will often reference in your research and decision-making process. In previous years, new board members were provided with a large binder that contained many of these items such as the Land Development Code, District Guidelines, etc. In an effort to conserve resources and ensure our board members have the most up to date information, we have migrated this collection of resources to a digital format. This “virtual board member binder” is intended to serve as a central information point to the most commonly used board resources.

We hope this new format will make your service to the board easier and more enjoyable. Thank you for serving to preserve and protect the architectural and cultural heritage of the City of Fernandina Beach.

HDC Board Member Orientation Manual  December 2020
Historic District Council Members at Dais