Online Bill Pay Registration Instructions

Online Bill Payment Registration Instructions


Notes pertaining to our software upgrade effective 6/8/2021:

·        If you saved the payment link or URL to your computer, the link will no longer connect to the City website.  Delete the saved link and following instructions below.

·        All users will have to reregister.

·        The new website requires all Users to register with an Email Address and Password.

·        If you used an email address previously as your User ID, your account will be automatically linked when you reregister.



1.     Visit WWW.FBFL.US (not cap sensitive).

2.     Select “How Do I” on the right side of our Home page.

3.     Select “Pay a Utilities Bill Online” from the How Do I list.

4.     Select “Pay a Utility Bill”.

5.     The screen below will appear.  Select “Citizen Self Service” on the left.


 6.     Once the sign in page appears (as shown below) select “Register for a new account”.


 7.     Complete all fields under “Register for a new account” as shown below and then select “Register” in the bottom right corner.

 8.     You should receive “Registration complete” as shown below.  The last step will be to confirm your registration through the link sent to your email inbox.  If you do not see the confirmation email in your inbox, also check your spam and junk folders.



9.     After you click on the link from the confirmation email, you will be redirected to the online payment page.  Select “Sign in to Citizen Self Service” as shown below.


 10.  You are almost ready to pay your bill.  Select “Citizen Self Service” as shown below.


 11.  From here the website will look the same as before.  You can now pay your bill.


Please call (904) 310-3400 select option 1 for assistance.