Airport Development

Leasehold Development

The following documents provide applicable information for any leasehold development on the Airport including the process, requirements, standards, and applications.

Lease Land

The Airport has land available for lease for aeronautical/non-aeronautical development on the north side and the east side of the airport.

Current Annual Land Lease Rental Rates:

  • Aeronautical Land Lease Rate –  $.20 per sq/ft. 
  • Non-Aeronautical Land Lease Rate – $.35 per sq/ft or as appraised.
If you are interested in leasing land at FBMA for hangar construction or aeronautical use, please email the Airport office, or call (904) 310-3435.

Commercial Development

Any commercial aeronautical operation using the Airport requires a leasehold with the Airport or a permit from the Airport. Such operations are either a FBO (Fixed Based Operator) or SASO (Specialized Aviation Service Organization). All commercial aeronautical operations must meet the Airport's Minimum Standards.