Safe Construction Practices

Flooding causes more property damage in the United States annually than any other type of natural disaster.

Due to Amelia Island’s location and land elevation, it is in danger of flood at various times due to seasonal or normal storm and tide events, as well as hurricanes.

During a category 3 hurricane, the storm surge would place at least half of the Island under water.

During a category 4 or 5 storm, the surge would place approximately 90 percent of the Island under water.

Building Regulations

All builders must secure the necessary permits from local, state and county agencies before any development activity takes place on any site. Development activities include any manmade alteration such as tree removal, land clearing and excavation, and building or remodeling.

Through the permitting process, the City ensures development is compliant with flood protection regulations as well as other city standards. Click here for information on flood resistant construction and the Florida Building Code.

The permitting and review process is necessary to allow the City to participate in the NFIP, making flood insurance available to those who want to protect their property.

Development that does not comply with regulations threatens the City’s continued participation in the program and consequently the ability of citizens to obtain this FEMA- backed insurance.

If you see unauthorized or questionable activities, protect your rights and contact the City’s Code Enforcement Officer at (904) 310-3135.