Protecting Your Property

Recent construction practices and regulations make new structures less prone to flood and hurricane damage, but many existing structures are vulnerable. Here are some tips to consider when hiring contractors.

Retrofitting actions can help prevent or minimize flooding of habitable space. Some modifications and retrofitting actions include:
  • Elevating structures above flood protection levels (1 foot above the base flood elevation shown on flood map)
  • Constructing barriers such as flood walls
  • Dry flood-proofing (watertight floor and wall systems)
  • Wet flood-proofing (such as adding hydrostatic flood vents, especially in garages or lower floors, that allow water to enter and exit)
  • Grading soil to slope away from structures
  • Installing storm shutters to prevent window and door damage

Emergency Actions

When a flood is threatening, some emergency actions that can help are:
  • Sandbag placement to reduce soil erosion and scouring
  • Elevating furniture and belongings
  • Creating floodway openings in non-habitable areas
  • Sealing off sewer lines to prevent backflow and contamination of utilities
Consult a design professional or the City of Fernandina Beach Community Development Department for more information on the above listed activities or visite the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) website for How-To's that demonstrate techniques for strengthening your home against disaster.