Police Auxiliary Corps

Police Auxiliary Corps
Board members: Mary Ruark, Bill Conger, Charles Mitchell,
Paul Booton, Don McFadyen, Steve Filkoff, John Harris

The City of Fernandina Beach plays host to a wide variety of special events and community activities, many of which involve taking to the streets, such as our 5 and 10-K runs, Triathlon events, arts and craft exhibits, classic car static displays, and countless numbers of parades and festivals. We also have several exciting events currently in the planning stages.

Fortunately, we maintain a very positive “can do” attitude when it comes to signing off on special events permits of all types. In order to maintain that perspective and to further prepare for future events, especially those that require temporary street closures and crowd control, a great new organization was born. The Police Auxiliary Corps is a unique opportunity to assist the community as a Police Department volunteer.

This “friends of the Police Department” organization is primarily self-directed and self-sustaining, while grounded in the core value of volunteerism. This group helps to promote communication with local businesses and homeowners groups throughout the City and fosters participation in other Police Department supported programs and initiatives, such as Crime Watch and the Police Athletic League.

Police Auxiliary members are never asked to do anything if they do not feel comfortable or safe, and they are always given appropriate instruction or training and effective tools or equipment prior to engaging in any activity. With the exception of minor traffic control activity, the role of the auxiliary volunteer focuses on increased compliance through visual deterrence and the communication of proper information to event participants, spectators and motorists in the area.

Members of the Police Auxiliary Corps are not required or expected to volunteer for every event, but only once or twice a year and for a minimum number of hours. Most events require only limited volunteer assistance, while some events, such as the Shrimp Festival and the Triathlon, benefit from a large volunteer presence.

Our original group of fifty individuals has now grown to more than one-hundred dedicated volunteers. The recent creation of a Board of Directors now allows us to more effectively manage our local volunteer effort in a very productive way, while continuing to bring new members into the organization.

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, please contact any board member or call Chief Hurley directly at 904-277-7342.

Police Auxiliary Corp Application

Police Auxiliary Corp Service Request Sheet