Renting a Facility

Facility Booking Process

The booking process includes determining Commercial, Private, or Non-Profit usage; determining rental fees; paying the damage deposit; and signing the Facility Rental Agreement.  A reservation can be requested online, but the damage deposit must be paid and Agreement must be completed and submitted at the Atlantic Recreation Center within 2 business days, or the reservation request will be cancelled.  Facility Rental Agreements and rental fees for any facility, pavilion, open/green space, athletic field, and swimming pool must be submitted at the Atlantic Recreation Center.

Open the following link to download our Facility Rental Policies, with fees and available facilities/areas (includes swimming pool rentals):  Facility Rental Policies  

To view each facility’s calendar, click on the following link: 

Rental Types / Codes

For all rentals of indoor facilities, pavilions, athletic fields, parking lots, and open green spaces, please note:

  • Commercial is defined as:  "Any group using a City facility for profit, i.e. when an admission fee is charged (tickets sold) or a service or product is offered for sale."
  • Private is defined as:  "Any group function, not open to the public, that does not charge any type of fee or admission for the function."
  • Non-Profit is defined as:  "A group or organization that pertains to the City of Fernandina Beach citizens’ affairs and whose event is open to the public."  To qualify, a non-profit certificate must be provided, if your group is tax-exempt, a tax-exempt certificate must also be provided.
  • City rental rates apply to those renters who reside in the City limits.
  • Non-City rental rates apply to those renters who reside outside the City limits.
  • Half Day* rentals = up to 4 hours ($100 per hour for additional hours up to 7)
  • Full Day* rentals = up to 8 hours ($100 per hour for additional hours but within specified rental hours)
  • Sales tax will be added to all rental amounts unless proof of tax-exempt status is provided.

*Does not apply to athletic fields

Damage Deposit & Rental Fees Payments

The damage deposit for use of any facility, pavilion, athletic field, etc. must be paid in full at time of the reservation.  Damage deposit = 50% of the rental fees before taxes or $50 minimum.  We do not hold or roll over damage deposits for re-occurring rentals.

Rental fees must be paid, in full, 2 weeks prior to the event, or automatic cancellation goes into effect with no notification, as well as forfeiture of the damage deposit.  MasterCard, Visa and Discover are accepted and can be paid over the phone.  A $100/hour rental fee will be charged for a half day indoor facility rental beyond 4 hours (up to 7) or for a full day rental beyond 8 hours (up to 12).  An additional $25/hour attendant/maintenance fee will be charged when an indoor facility is rented during hours outside of specified rental hours (see "Facility Rental Hours" at bottom of this page).  No rentals allowed past Midnight at any City facility.  A $20/hour "no-show" fee will be assessed for every hour of a rental that the renter is not at the facility (i.e. Rental contract reads that a rental begins at 9:00am, but the renter does not arrive at facility until 12:00pm.  An additional $60 would be charged to the renter.).

Renter Responsibilities
Renter is responsible for set-up, break-down, clean-up, and placing bagged trash in the dumpster behind the Auditorium at the Atlantic Center and in the roll-away trash totes located in the main parking lot at the MLK, Jr. Center; on the west side (along South 10th Street) of the Peck Center; and on the west (along South 10th Street) and north (along Elm Street) sides of Peck Gym.  Additional trash that will not fit inside the dumpster or trash totes must be removed from the property by the renter.
Only ticky-tack type products may be used for hanging decorations, and they must be removed completely after an event.  No tacks, tape, nails, or staples on walls, floors, or stages in any facility.  No wall hangings permitted in the Peck Auditorium.  No ceiling hangings permitted in the Atlantic Auditorium.
Indoor rental area should be left in broom clean condition.  See facility attendant for mop/broom.

Rules and Regulations - Parks
All trash generated from a renter’s event must be bagged and taken away from the park. Please do not use the cans in the park.  If the park is not left in a neat and clean condition, the damage deposit will be forfeited.
No smoking in or near playgrounds.
No amplified music (allowed with a Special Event Permit; call 904-310-3375 for more information).
No helium balloons permitted, as they may pose a threat to local wildlife.
No park usage after 7:00pm.

PLEASE NOTE:  In an effort to ensure public safety, the Fernandina Beach Police Department will monitor all outdoor rental events that occur at City parks and swimming pools.

Damage Deposit Refund

A damage deposit will be refunded within two (2) weeks after the rental date.  If the deposit was paid with a credit card, then the deposit will be refunded back to the credit card after the event.  If the deposit was paid with cash or a check, then a check will be processed and mailed to the renter at the address provided on the Facility Rental Agreement.

Damage to a facility/park, violation of policies, or failure to provide general clean-up will result in forfeiture of the damage deposit and denial of future reservations.  An additional fee will be charged if damage exceeds the deposit.


A cancellation must be made two (2) weeks before the date of an event, or the damage deposit is forfeited.

If you wish to have alcohol at your event, you will be required to apply for a special event permit and submit your application to the Parks & Recreation Department a minimum of sixty (60) days before your event.  Contact Hannah Ross at the Atlantic Recreation Center for information on obtaining a permit:  904-310-3375;

For more information about requirements for rentals/events with alcohol consumption and/or sales, please click on the following link:  Events with alcohol - requirements


All facilities are designated "No Smoking."  This will be strictly enforced.

Membrane Structures

Membrane Structures (bounce houses, inflatable slides, etc) will be permitted with proof of insurance from the outside agency supplying the structure, and the renter will assume full liability.  A $25 permit fee applies for a membrane structure (up to 4 membrane structures on the same permit application).

Facility Rental Hours

Additional rental hours not listed below require an additional $25/hour attendant/maintenance fee (before 8:00am Monday-Saturday; after 9:00pm Monday-Thursday; after 10:00pm on Saturday; or any hours on Sunday).  No rentals before 7:00am or past Midnight at any City facility.

Rentals are not available on the following observed City holidays:  New Year’s Eve/Day; MLK Day; Good Friday; Memorial Day; Juneteenth; Independence Day; Labor Day; Veterans’ Day; Thanksgiving; Day After Thanksgiving; Christmas Eve; and Christmas Day.

Atlantic Recreation Center - 2500 Atlantic Avenue
Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 9:00pm.  Friday: 8:00am - 10:00pm.  Saturday: 8:00am - 10:00pm  Sunday: Closed
MLK, Jr. Recreation Center - 1200 Elm Street
Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 9:00pm.  Friday: 8:00am -  10:00pm.  Saturday: 8:00am - 10:00pm.  Sunday: Closed
Peck Center - 516 South 10th Street
Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 9:00pm.  Friday: 8:00am -  10:00pm.  Saturday: 8:00am - 10:00pm.  Sunday: Closed 
Peck Gymnasium - 510 South 10th Street
Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 9:00pm.  Friday: 8:00am -  10:00pm.  Saturday: 8:00am - 10:00pm.  Sunday: Closed