Code Enforcement

If you have recently received a notice from our department regarding short term rental(s), we kindly request you to publish your Resort Rental Dwelling Permit number on your online listings to be considered fully compliant with the code. You may place it under the general description of your listing, as shown below:
Example: City of Fernandina Beach, Short Term Rental License # RRDP-00000-0000

Please note that we are currently experiencing a higher call volume. For a prompt response, please email Crystal Rimes at

Our Commitment

The Code Enforcement Department is dedicated to securing the health, safety, and quality of our community. Achieving this goal is possible by providing skilled personnel who adhere to responsible, fair, and ethical practices. Our mission is to educate the public on Municipal and Land Development Codes, resulting in voluntary compliance.


Responsibilities of the Code Enforcement Department

The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for ensuring code compliance for residential and commercial properties within the city limits. Our duties include:

City Code Enforcement focuses on enforcing municipal codes and regulations, but we are NOT responsible for the following areas:

  • Animal control
  • Building construction
  • Waste disposal
  • Graffiti
  • Mosquitoes
  • Traffic
  • Parking tickets

Please refer to our  for further information on these topics.


Education of City Codes

If you want to make a difference in your community, a great place to start is by educating yourself on the content and application of Code Enforcement regulations. The City of Fernandina Beach has a Code of Ordinances and Land Development Code that outlines these regulations. 

It's worth noting that the primary objective of Code Enforcement is to encourage voluntary compliance with the City's codes, which are crucial for maintaining a healthy community and environment. The City of Fernandina Beach Code Enforcement team aims to achieve compliance through education and notification while providing a transparent process for investigating and resolving code complaints. 


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