Code Enforcement


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You can make the City of Fernandina Beach a safer, better place to live, learn, work and play by following these two steps to resolve code enforcement issues in your neighborhood:

1. File a complaint. Please provide detailed information, including exact address or location, and a complete description of the violation. Use the onlineCode Enforcement Complaint Form, or call (904) 310-3440.

2. Get involved in the code enforcement process by educating yourself on the content and application of the enforcement codes.

- City of Fernandina Beach Code of Ordinances

- City of Fernandina Beach Land Development Code

Code enforcement seeks voluntary compliance of City codes, which are the baseline expectation for maintenance of the community and environment. City of Fernandina Beach Code Enforcement strives to achieve compliance through education and notification, and provide a clear process for investigation and resolution of code complaints.

Some of what City Code Enforcement is responsible for:

  • Compliance of zoning laws
  • Enforcement of business licensing and Local Business Tax Receipts (LBTR)
  • Enforcement of sign ordinances
  • Overgrown vegetation
  • Illegal dumping on private property
  • Unlicensed inoperative vehicles on private property
  • Boats, trailers, RV's, commercial vehicles, etc. parking on private property
  • Structures in disrepair
  • Enforcement of Resort Rental Dwelling Permits
  • Beach lighting during sea turtle nesting season (May 1 - October 31)

City Code Enforcement is NOT responsible for animal control, building construction, waste disposal, graffiti, mosquitoes, traffic, or parking tickets.  for a list of contacts related to these issues.

Click the following links for information on Local Business Tax Receipts and Resort Rentals.

How does Code Enforcement work?

Effective code enforcement has a major impact on the safety of the community. Citizens are normally unaware of proper code compliance. It is our job to help educate and inform our citizens and visitors of the importance of code compliance.

When a code violation is reported, a complaint is opened and the Code Compliance Officer tries to resolve the violation through education, inspection, and notices. Violations that continue are followed by progressive enforcement. Situations that appear to pose a serious risk to health and safety are prioritized. Cases that are not resolved by the Code Compliance Officer move to the .

Typically, the majority of code violations are resolved before reaching the Code Enforcement and Appeals Board. Cooperation between the Code Compliance Officer and the person involved results in solving over 90% of the complaints received.

Click here to learn more about the complaint, investigation, and compliance process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I store my vehicles at my residence?

Yes, provided all vehicles are street legal, meaning currently tagged and in good repair. (Municipal Code Section 42-173)

How often do I have to cut my lot or yard?

The height of all grass and similar vegetation can't exceed 12 inches (whether it is an occupied lot or a vacant lot). All properties must be kept clean of weeds, vegetation, debris, junk and rubbish that may be unsightly. (Municipal Code Section 42-116)

Can I park my recreational vehicle (RV), boat, trailer, etc. at my residence?

Only in the side or rear yard, or in a completely enclosed building or carport attached to a principal structure. The vehicles must be unoccupied. (LDC Section 7.01.05 and Municipal Section 58-9)

How long can I keep my trash and recycle tote out by the street?

You may put your tote out by the street no earlier than 6:00pm the day before pick-up and you must bring it back off the street on the day of pick-up by 8:00pm. The tote can't be left out by the street and/or in the right-of-way indefinitely. (Municipal Code Section 66-44)

Can I put up temporary signage?

Temporary signs as defined by the City's Land Development Code Section 5.04.00 do not require a permit. For more information about what qualifies as a temporary sign please check the Land Development Code Chapter-5.

Can I leave my personal items overnight on the beach?

All personal items left unattended on the beaches located in City Limits from 8:00 pm until 6:00 am daily are deemed discarded and will be disposed of by the City. Please see the Municipal Code Section 90-52 of the City's Code of Ordinances for more information.

Do I need a permit to install a fence in my yard?

A fence permit is required for the installation of any new fences or when replacing existing fences on your property. For questions about fence height, setbacks, or materials please check with the City Planning staff by calling 904-310-3480. LDC Section 5.01.10 provides information about fencing. Properties within the Historic District are also required to receive a staff level certificate of approval.

Do I need a permit to remove a tree?

The City's Land Development Code protects all native, healthy, trees which are 4" or larger in Diameter at Breast Height (DBH). A permit is required for all protected trees. For more information please check LDC Chapter 4.