Reconnaissance-Level Architectural Survey

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10/18/11 - View the presentation to the City Commission on the survey results. (The document will take a moment to load.)

9/6/2011 - The Florida Division of Historical Resources has approved the reconnaissance-level architectural survey completed for the City by Janus Research. Janus, based in Tampa, was awarded the contract to conduct the survey in September 2010. The primary findings of the survey are:
  1. There are not any other neighborhoods in the City that would likely qualify as a historic district,
  2. The survey recommends areas that may benefit from conservation districting, which is a form of zoning overlay that seeks to protect elements of neighborhood character, but is not as stringent as a historic district overlay, and
  3. The survey recommends more detailed survey work along the beaches, primarily to document older structures that are being replaced with larger, new homes.
The Florida Division of Historical Resources awarded the City a $30,000 grant in July 2010 to complete this survey for the City limits, excluding the Downtown and Old Town Historic Districts, which have been previously surveyed. The purpose of the survey was to identify development patterns, history of neighborhoods, and architectural and landscape elements of neighborhoods that create a neighborhood’s particular character. This survey will assist the Planning Department in neighborhood preservation, which was identified by the City’s Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) as a major issue.