Preservation Awards

Past Preservation Award Winners

Cotner and Associates - Amelia Tavern8
Cotner and Associates - Amelia Tavern1
Robert and Loretta Erickson - Restoration1
Robert and Loretta Erickson - Restoration2
Cotner and Associates - Fernandina Train Depot1
Cotner and Associates - Fernandina Train Depot3
Hunter Residence Sketch
Hunter Residence
Page Residence Before
Page Residence After
Jennifer Whitmire - Lesesne House
Jennifer Whitmire - Lesesne House2

The City of Fernandina Beach wishes to recognize the efforts of those involved in preserving our unique architectural resources through an awards program that is held every other year. Historic structures contribute to the identity of our community, and sensitive treatment of these resources ensure future residents and visitors will experience the same community character. Projects throughout the City are eligible, not just properties in the historic districts.

Preservation Awards 2022

Click Here to see 2022 Winners

Preservation Awards 2019 
2019 Awards Ceremony Presentation

2019 Winners:

Craftsmanship: Recognizes traditional methods of construction, including but not limited to wood working, wrought-iron work, framing, or plastering, and recognition of the craftsperson that completed the work. 
  • Rob Psulkowski, Built to Last Construction
    • Phelan-Verot House (116 N. 4th Street) & Lasserre House (130 S. 7th Street)
    • Paint by David Witt Painting
New Construction: Awarded for sensitive design and careful construction of a new structure in either the Old Town or Downtown Historic Districts.   


  • Gholson Residence (1102 Ladies Street)
    • Jag & Chris Gholson, Owners
    • Old Town Properties, Developer    
    • Eric Moser, Architect
Beacon of Hope: Recognizes projects that embody the spirit of preservation through the ongoing care and maintenance of its historic structures.
  • Trinity United Methodist Church (715 Ash Street) for Belltower Restoration
Storefront Facade Renovation:  Projects that demonstrate sensitive treatment of historic storefronts.         
  • Miranda Architects for Chandlery Building Exterior Rehabilitation (201 Centre Street)
Preservation Innovation: Awarded to projects that demonstrate sensitive and creative solutions incorporating issues of sustainability, adaptive reuse and integration of accessibility improvements.  
  • Summer House Realty (316 Ash Street)
    • Contractor: Daughtery and Company
Preservation Champion: Celebrating an individual dedicated to preserving Fernandina Beach’s heritage.  
  • Arthur I. “Buddy” Jacobs
Keystone Award: Presented to the project that best represents Historic Preservation.  
  • Amelia Schoolhouse Inn (914 Atlantic Avenue)
  • Architect: Miranda Architects
  • Contractor: Tim Young Construction, Inc. 

Preservation Awards 2016

2016 Winners:

  • Jennifer Whitmire for 415 Centre Street (Lesesne House) – Honorable Mention for Restoration/ Rehabilitation
  • Cotner Associates, Inc. for 102 Centre Street (Fernandina Train Depot) – First Place – Restoration/ Rehabilitation KEYSTONE AWARD
  • Cotner Associates, Inc. for 318 Centre (Amelia Tavern) – First Place – New Construction
  • Miranda Architects for 202 S. 4th Street (St. Michael’s Catholic Church) – First Place – Sensitive Addition. 
  • Robert and Loretta Erickson for 30 S. 3rd Street - First Place – Craftsmanship
  • Adrienne Burke – Preservation Champion

Preservation Awards 2014

2014 Winners:

  • Ernie Saltmarsh/Nassau Trust for 801 Beech Street - First Place for Restoration/Rehabilitation
  • Foye Waldrip for 224 N. 3rd Street - First Place for New Construction
  • John M. Cotner, AIA - Preservation Champion
  • Lou + Susan Goldman for 23 S. 6th Street - Honorable Mention for New Construction
  • John Dodd, Architect for 229 S. 8th Street (Cormier Hair Studio) - Honorable Mention for Restoration/Rehabilitation
  • Miranda Architects for 225 N. 4th Street (St. Michael's Parish Hall) - Honorable Mention for New Construction
  • Hunter Residence at 909 Atlantic Avenue - Certificate of Appreciation for New Construction
  • John Dodd, Architect - Certificates of Appreciation for Storefront Facade Renovations at 520 Centre Street (Peppers) and 12 N. Front Street (Salty Pelican)
  • Parker Contracting for 1702 Atlantic Avenue - Certificate of Appreciation for Restoration/Rehabilitation
  • Cotner Associates, Inc. for 21 N. 3rd Street (Timoti's Seafood Shack) - Certificate of Appreciation for Sensitive Addition
View the award presentation here.

Preservation Awards 2012

2012 Winners:
  • Florida House Inn: 22 S. 3rd Street - First place - Restoration/Rehabilitation
  • Island Art Association: 18 N. 2nd Street - First place - New Construction
  • Miranda Architects: 31 S. 10th Street - Honorable Mention - Sensitive Addition
  • Madeline Richard: 227 S. 8th Street - Honorable Mention - Storefront Facade Renovation
  • George Stewart - Preservation Champion: Cultural Heritage for Sliders Renovation
  • Michael Harrison - Preservation Champion: Heritage Advocate for Old Town Bicentennial
  • Harvey Ward - Craftsmanship Award
View the award presentation here, and the press release here.

First Preservation Awards: 2010

The City hosted the first Preservation Awards in 2010. Our winners were:
  • The Amelia Island Museum of History for the restoration of the Nassau County Jail building.
  • Kenneth Smith Architects for the restoration of the Amelia Island Lighthouse.
  • The Germano family for restoration of the Amelia Dream Cars Building on 8th Street.
For more information, view the press release or the City Commission presentation.
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