Beach Accesses and Beach Accessibiity

Beach Access Committee (BAC) established October, 2020: 
Ms. Victoria Robas, Chair
Ms. Bryn Byron
Ms. Emily Carmain
Mr. Mac Morriss
Mr. Robert Prager
Mr. Mark Tomes
Mr. Tom Yankus

City Support Staff: 
Mr. Charles George, City Engineer
Ms. Lorelei Jacobs, Grants Administrator
Mr. Joseph Pitcheralle, Parks Superintendent 

Beach Access Final Report
Beach Access Committee Presentation 

For additional information about the Beach Access Committee, please contact City Grants Administrator Lorelei Jacobs by e-mail at or by telephone at (813) 363-0375

BAC November 19, 2020 Meeting Materials
BAC December 3, 2020 Meeting Materials 
BAC December 10, 2020 Meeting Materials 
BAC January 7, 2021 Meeting Materials 
BAC January 14, 2021 Meeting Materials 
BAC January 28, 2021 Meeting Materials
BAC February 12, 2021 Meeting Materials 
BAC February 18, 2021 Meeting Materials
BAC March 5, 2021 Meeting Materials 
BAC March 11, 2021 Meeting Materials 
BAC March 18, 2021 Meeting Materials  
BAC April 1, 2021 Meeting Materials
BAC April 8, 2021 Meeting Materials 
BAC April 15, 2021 Meeting Materials 

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Beach Accesses in the City limits, listed from north to south: 

  • Dolphin Street Access:  Main Beach Park.  Parking.  ADA accessibility.
  • Nassau Access:  #1.  No parking.
  • Amelia Access:  #2.  No parking.
  • 1st Street Access:  #4N.  No parking.
  • Alabama Access:  #5.  Parking.
  • New York Access:  #6.  Parking.
  • 3rd Street Access:  #6N.  No parking.
  • Maryland Access:  #8.  Parking.
  • Jasmine Access.  #9.  Parking.
  • 6th Street Access:  #9N.  No parking.
  • Wisconsin Access:  #10.  No parking.
  • Kentucky Access:  #10S.  Parking across Fletcher Ave.
  • Colorado Access:  #11.  No parking.
  • North Beach Park Access:  #12N.  Parking.  ADA accessibility.
  • Jefferson Access:  #13.  Parking across Fletcher Ave.
  • Access  #14.  No parking.
  • Madison Access:  #15.  No parking.
  • Cleveland Access:  #16.  Parking across Fletcher Ave.
  • Ferriera Access:  #16N.  No parking.
  • Roosevelt Access:  #18.  No parking.
  • Seaside Park Access.  Parking.  ADA accessibility.
  • John Robas Access:  #21.  No parking.
  • B Street Access:  #21S.  No parking.
  • C Street Access:  #22.  No parking.
  • D Street Access:  #23.  No parking.
  • Askins Access:  #24.  No Parking.
  • Mizell Access: #25.  Parking.
  • Allen Access:  #27.  Parking.
  • North Casino Access:  #28.  Parking.
  • South Casino Access:  #29.  Parking.
  • Simmons Access:  #30.  Parking.
  • Hutchins Access:  #31.  Parking.
  • Oklawaha Acess:  #33.  No parking.
  • Mantanzas Access:  #34.  Parking.  ADA accessibility.
  • Manatee Access:  #35.  Parking.  
  • Suwanee Access:  #35S.  Parking.
  • Kissimmee Access:  #36.  Parking.
  • Alachua Access:  #37.  Parking.
  • Osceola Access:  #38.  Parking.
  • Ozello Access:  #39.  Parking.
  • Pasco Access:  #40.  Parking.

Mobi-Mat at Main Beach

The City of Fernandina Beach has a Mobi-Mat semi-permanently installed at the Main Beach boardwalk access ramp.  This environmentally-friendly ADA-compliant matting provides safe and easy access for wheelchairs, strollers, and walkers to maneuver on the beach sand.  The matting is made completely from recycled plastic bottles.

Main Beach Park Mobi Mat
Mobi-mat at Main Beach

Beach Wheelchairs

The Parks & Recreation Department has three (3) upright beach wheelchairs and one (1) Mobi floating beach wheelchair available for reservations at the Atlantic Recreation Center for individuals with disabilities.  A refundable security deposit of $100 per chair, paid with a current and valid major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), and driver's license are required.  Rental fees are:  $30 per chair for up to 1 week City residents, $38 Non-City.  Please call the Atlantic Recreation Center at 904-310-3350 for availability and reservations.

  • Beach wheelchairs may be reserved for up to 7 consecutive days.  Reservations may be made up to 1 year in advance.
  • We offer an optional delivery and pick-up service for our beach wheelchairs to locations in the City of Fernandina Beach limits.  Delivery/pick-up fee is $25.
  • Mobi-chair:  Although this wheelchair floats, it is not a boat.  The sitting position is stable, and a person will not slip out of the chair under normal conditions of use.  However, for safety reasons, a life jacket is required for non-swimmers.  This chair is not recommended for use in bodies of water with strong currents or waves.
  • If any damages occur to a reserved beach wheelchair during use that exceed $100, then additional charges will be assessed beyond the security deposit. 

Beach wheelchair
Three (3) upright beach wheelchairs available for reservations. Call 904-310-3350.

Mobi wheelchair
Mobi floating wheelchair
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