Comprehensive Plan

The City of Fernandina Beach 2030 Comprehensive Plan establishes long-term goals, objectives, and policies to provide an CP Cover_1_thumb_thumb_thumb.jpgeffective and efficient balance of the City's anticipated growth demands with its goals for protecting natural and cultural resources. Our Comprehensive Plan is a living document. While the Comprehensive Plan is designed to provide certainty in the development of our City, it must also be responsive to the City’s growth and the community’s desires.The Comprehensive Plan serves as the guide for making decisions such as land use changes, capital improvement programs, and the rate, timing, and location of future growth.

Plan Elements

The City's Comprehensive Plan consists of twelve (12) elements:
Front Cover Page and Back Cover Page
Executive Summary
Introduction to the Plan
Definitions and Acronyms
Index and Appendicies
2011 Adopted Future Land Use Map Series

Goal 1: Future Land Use Element
Goal 2: Multi-Modal Transportation Element
Goal 3: Housing Element
Goal 4: Public Facilities Element
Goal 5: Conservation and Coastal Management Element and 5P Port SubElement
Goal 6: Recreation & Open Space Element
Goal 7: Intergovernmental Coordination Element
Goal 8: Capital Improvement Element
Goal 9: Private Property Rights Element
Goal 10: Public School Facilities Element
Goal 11: Historic Preservation Element
Goal 12: Economic Development Element

**PLEASE NOTE - The Elements contained herein represent the latest Comprehensive Plan reprint as of JULY 2022. The Comprehensive Plan is subject to amendment from time to time by action of the City Commission. There may be a time delay between the approval of an amendment and its publication on this web page. Users of this site are encouraged to confirm Comprehensive Plan information with City planning staff.
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