Fernandina Beach Police Department Mission Statement

To serve the public in partnership with our community, to protect life and property, to reduce crime through both proactive intervention and competent response, to resolve conflict through creative problem solving strategies, and to respect human dignity at all times.       


The Fernandina Beach Police Department is a value-driven agency dedicated to serving all people within the City by forming PARTNERSHIPS, performing our duties with INTEGRITY and showing RESPECT to everyone we encounter. These core values are the foundation to building public trust within our community and contribute to our success as a law enforcement agency.

PARTNERSHIP - The Fernandina Beach Police Department will work to create partnerships with the members of our community. Partnerships allow the community to have a voice in the policing process and promote a mutual understanding of trust. Partnerships also allow the community to express their needs relating to safety and crime concerns as well as quality of life issues.   

INTEGRITY - The single most important personal quality that a law enforcement officer must possess, display and prove through their daily actions as well as their career is integrity. Integrity builds a foundation of trust and support, which is an essential element in a relationship between the Fernandina Beach Police Department and the community. Integrity is also crucial to building a level of trust within the judicial system, making an officer’s testimony trustworthy and credible.

RESPECT - The Fernandina Beach Police Department serves a diverse and inclusive community. Each person in our community deserves a level of respect that we would want extended to us as an agency and as individuals. Having respect for every person we serve will help build relationships that improve the community as a whole and will ensure that the rights of every individual are respected.


The Fernandina Beach Police Department will be motivated by our Mission and guided by our Core Values.  We will also employ the principle for daily operations of FOCUSING ON QUALITY.

Quality Police Service – Providing the best possible level of service, a level of service that we would want provided to us or our family.

Quality Enforcement – Using good judgement to enforce laws that make the community a safer place.

Quality Work Product – Placing a high level of pride in our work so that we produce a total work product that reflects positively on the agency as a whole and is a benefit to our community.