Fee Schedule

Fire Fee Schedule

  Current Fee
General Plan Review:  
Commercial/Multi Family Structures 35% of Building Permit Fee
Site Plan Review (Technical Review Committee)  $100
Fire Sprinkler System:  
Min. fee for systems with up to 50 heads $80
Fee for systems with over 50 heads $80 + $1 per head over 50
Private Fire Service Water Mains 
(Note: If permitted separately from Fire Sprinkler)
Additional Hydrostatic Test Inspections
(Note: Above fees include cost of review, one hydrostatic test inspection, and one final inspection)
$54 each 
Fire Pumps $60
Stand Pipes (Note: If permitted separately from Fire Sprinkler) $100
Fire Alarm:  
Min. fee for FACP & 10 devices on the system $60
Systems with FACP & more than 10 initiating or notification devices $60 + $1.50 per device
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods $60
Kitchen hood fire suppression system
Note: Above fees include cost of plan review of 1 system, a light test, and one final inspection.
Plans Re-Submittal Fee:  
First Re-submitttal N/C
Second re-submittal $110
Third re-submittal 4 x original 
Minor Revised Plan Review Following Approval $40
Review of NEW plans after approval  $68
Penalty for starting work without a Fire Marshal Permit 2 x permit fee
Re-inspection for unprepared sites:   
Fire re-inspection  $55
Each additional unprepared re-inspection $110
After hours, weekend, or holiday inspection   
Minimum fee paid in advance - 2 hours minimum $110
Additional per hour fee (after initial 2 hours) 
(Note: subject to availability) 
Annual Fire Inspections (for facilities required to hold a license to operate):  
Annual, Periodic & Mandated State Inspections (Group homes, daycare, counseling centers, restaurants, gas stations, etc.)  $50 min
Facility > 3,000 sq ft $50 + &7/1,000 sq ft
  $300 max
Permits for Operations/Events/Other Services  
Address Assignments $20
Address Assignment Verification Letter $20
Aircraft Hangars $50
Aircraft Refueling Vehicles $50
Bonfires $100
Carnivals and Fairs $50
Cutting and Welding Operations $50
Explosives (blasting operations)  $100
Fire Insurance Rating Verification Letter $10
Fireworks Public Displays $100
Hot Work Operations $50
Local Business Tax Receipt Inspection $25
Misc. Construction/Installation Permits (tanks, compressed gas systems, pipelines, etc.) $50
Temporary Sale of Consumer Fireworks $50
Tents, Canopies, and Membrane Structures $25
Other required permits (Florida Fire Prevention Code) $50
Special Event Services: 
(3 hour minimum for all personnel)
Fire Engine $82/hour
Ambulance $41/hour
Firefighter/Paramedic/EMT (single-day event < 10 hours) $40/hour
Firefighter/Paramedic/EMT (> 10 hours or more than one-day event) $55/hour
Firefighter/Paramedic/EMT (all federal holidays) $50/hour
Fire Officer (required for ea. 5 FF; single-day event <10 hours) $50/hour
Fire Officer (>10 hours or more than one-day event) $65/hour
Fire Officer (all federal holidays) $60/hour
Ocean Rescue Lifeguard (2 Guard Minimum) 
(Note: 1 guard per 35 swimmers during events) 
EMS Transport Billing  
Basic Life Support (BLS) $550
Advanced Life Support (ALS) 1 $700
Mileage $11/mile