What is FOG?

FOG stands for Fat, Oils, and Grease. When it is poured down drains, it can harden and create blockages in the wastewater system. 

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1. What is FOG?
2. What is a Gravity Grease Interceptor?
3. When is a Gravity Grease Interceptor Required?
4. What is a Hydro-mechanical Grease Interceptor?
5. How often do I need to clean out the Grease Interceptor?
6. Where can I report when the Grease Interceptor is cleaned and pumped?
7. What is BSI?
8. Who can I use to clean the Grease Interceptor?
9. What if I don’t have a Grease Interceptor but received the letter to report when the Grease Interceptor is cleaned?
10. Who is responsible for reporting the Grease Interceptor has been pumped and cleaned?