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  1. Code Enforcement Complaint Form

    Use of this form will register a formal complaint with City of Fernandina Beach Code Enforcement. Complaints are inspected in a timely... More…

Email Forms

  1. Andre Desilet
  2. Annette Perry
  3. Barbara French
  4. Becky Langlois
  5. Bradley Bean
  6. Caroline Best
  7. Cathy Chapman
  8. Charles George
  9. Cricket Poston
  10. Customer Service Utility Billing
  11. Dana Whicker
  12. Darron Ayscue
  13. David Bishop
  14. David Gilson
  15. David Sturges
  16. Denise Matson
  17. Edward Filipkowski
  18. FH Marina Info
  19. Freddie Peake
  20. George "Chip" Wells
  21. Hope Lawson
  22. James Antun
  23. Janice Mote
  24. Jason Higginbotham
  25. Jeffrey Tambasco
  26. Jim Norman
  27. Joe Cooner
  28. John Coverdell
  29. Juan Brown
  30. Kaleigh Simmons
  31. Katie Newton
  32. Ken Baker
  33. Kristen Lampedecchio
  34. Lashaundra Richardson
  35. Lillie Russell
  36. Lucinda Williams
  37. Mark Foxworth
  38. Melissa Howard
  39. Michael Lednovich
  40. Monica Benischeck
  41. Pauline Testagrose
  42. Richard Ballard
  43. Sal Cumella
  44. Scott Mikelson
  45. Send an Email to Your Commissioners and City Staff
  46. Stephanie Brown
  47. Steve Murphy
  48. Sydney Carless
  49. Tammi Bach
  50. Taylor Hartmann
  51. Toni Brown
  52. Troy Woleshin
  53. Ty Silcox
  54. Wanda Weaks
  55. Wendy Gaskill
  1. Angie Lester
  2. Ashley Manning
  3. Barbara Rathmell
  4. Brad Little
  5. Brian Armstrong
  6. Carrie Norfleet
  7. Cathy Sabattini
  8. Chip Ross
  9. Crystal Turner
  10. Dale Crews
  11. Daphne Forehand
  12. Dave Holley
  13. David DeMay
  14. David Neville
  15. Deborah House
  16. Donald Kukla
  17. Felicia Giannini
  18. Fino Murallo
  19. Gabriel Davis
  20. Haynes Cavender
  21. Jacob Platt
  22. James Hurley
  23. Jason Brown
  24. Jeff Malone
  25. Jeremiah Glisson
  26. Jodi Almela
  27. Joe Pitcheralle
  28. Joshua Glisson
  29. Kaitlyn Brown
  30. Kathy Russell
  31. Kelly Gibson
  32. Kim Briley
  33. Kristy Benjamin
  34. Len Kreger
  35. Lorelei Jacobs
  36. Mark Foxworth
  37. Mary Hamburg
  38. Melissa Taylor
  39. Michelle Forstrom
  40. Nan Voit
  41. Request PRAG Application
  42. Ryan Strickland
  43. Sam Carver

    Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)/Drone Notification Form

  44. Send an Email to Your Commissioners and Charter Officers
  45. Send and Email to all the Charter Review Committee Members

    Email All Charter Review Committee Members

  46. Stephen Noden
  47. Susan Carless
  48. Sylvie McCann
  49. Taylor Fitzsimmons
  50. Teresa Bryan
  51. Trey Rimes
  52. Ty Ross
  53. Virginia Hudecki
  54. Waste Management

Planning & Conservation

  1. Administrative Reviews: Administrative Waiver
  2. Administrative Reviews: Minor Subdivision/ Lot Line Adjustment

    USE THIS FORM TO Apply for staff-level reviews of minor subdivisions of property (lot line adjustments).

  3. Board of Adjustment (BOA)

    USE THIS FORM TO: Apply for a variance to obtain relief from the design standards of the City's Land Development Code (LDC) where... More…

  4. Due Diligence Report

    USE THIS FORM TO Apply for a Due Diligence Report on a specific property.

  5. Heritage Tree Nomination Form

    Any citizen, property owner or official of the city may nominate a tree to be designated as a heritage tree due to its size, age,... More…

  6. Historic District Council (HDC): Certificate of Approval (COA) Pre-Application Meeting Request

    To guide you through the process and to ensure that your application is properly processed, you’ll need to meet with the Preservation... More…

  7. Mapping Request (Various sizes)

    USE THIS FORM TO order copies of Maps

  8. Technical Review Committee (TRC): First Step Meeting Request (formerly TRC Pre-Application)

    USE THIS FORM TO Submit a project for input and guidance from the Technical Review Committee, the City group responsible for reviewing... More…

  9. Tree Removal Application

    USE THIS FORM TO Apply to remove a dead, dying, or diseased tree or a tree that is causing property damage. Trees to be removed as... More…

  10. Zoning Confirmation

    USE THIS FORM TO Request a letter to confirm the Zoning District and Future Land Us Map (FLUM) zoning of a property.

  1. Administrative Reviews: Context Sensitive Review

    Apply for staff-level reviews of front setback adjustments (context sensitive review).

  2. Alcohol Confirmation

    USE THIS FORM TO Apply for a Alcohol Confirmation

  3. DEP Letter

    USE THIS FORM TO Request a letter to address compliance with local building setbacks, zoning codes and the Future Land Use and Coastal... More…

  4. EAR Feedback
  5. Historic District Council (HDC) Variance Application

    USE THIS FORM TO Apply for a variance from requirements in the Land Development Code (LDC). Variances are demonstrations of hardship... More…

  6. Impact Fee Withholding

    USE THIS FORM TO: Apply to have impact fees that are associated with a construction project withheld

  7. Planning Advisory Board (PAB)

    USE THIS FORM TO Request actions to affect changes to property (zoning changes, annexations, allowable uses, subdivisions).

  8. Technical Review Committee: Application

    USE THIS FORM TO To apply for review of site plans, preliminary subdivision plats, final subdivision plats, minor subdivisions, and... More…

  9. Water /Wastewater Annexation

    USE THIS FORM TO: Request the City Commission’s authorization to extend water and/or sanitary wastewater services to property not... More…