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Heritage Tree Nomination Form

  1. Description

    Any citizen, property owner or official of the city may nominate a tree to be designated as a heritage tree due to its size, age, historic, aesthetic, or cultural significance, and possession of the following characteristics: The tree is a native tree, has a diameter breast height of at least 36 inches; and, the tree is known or proven to be a part of the history of the city or the culture of its people as documented in books, periodicals, or other documents.

    If located on private property, the owner’s approval is needed for Heritage Tree designation. To nominate a tree, fill out the following. Please include photograph(s) and any additional documentation you believe to be pertinent.

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    Sworn and subscribed to me on this ____ day of ______________, 20____, by _________________________________

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  4. If you have questions about this form, please call the Planning & Conservation Department at 904-310-3480. Nominating a tree provides recognition of a tree’s intrinsic worth and value to the community.
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