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Historic District Council (HDC) Certificate of Approval (COA) Application

    USE THIS FORM TO Apply for approval for projects in the Downtown or Old Town Historic District or the Community Redevelopment Area (CRA). Projects may require either a Board-level review or a Staff-level review.
  2. Fees
  3. Basis for Review
    All applications, whether Staff or Board review, are reviewed for consistency with the City of Fernandina Beach Comprehensive Plan, Land Development Code, and applicable guidelines such as the Downtown Historic District Design Guidelines, Old Town Fernandina Preservation and Development Guidelines, and the Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) Design Guidelines. Guidelines for the Historic Districts are based on the U.S. Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.
  4. 2024 Submission Deadlines + Board Meetings Calendar
    HDC 2024
  6. Conceptual Approvals
    Conceptual approvals are provided by the HDC as a courtesy to the applicant in an effort to allow comment from the Historic District Council and citizens during the conceptual design process. The HDC will provide the applicant with feedback and guidance relating to the proposal and take a vote to indicate whether the board feels the proposal is adequately appropriate to proceed. In all cases, the applicant must return to the HDC to seek final approval of their projects. There is no additional fee for this review above the Certificate of Approval fee.
  7. Pre-Application Meeting
    To guide you through the process and to ensure that your application is properly processed, you’ll need to meet with the Preservation Planner prior to submitting your application. This should be done at least 45 days prior to your anticipated submittal date to allow time for review. Staff approval applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are generally completed in 3-5 days. Please note that projects can only begin after receiving a Certificate of Approval (COA) and a building, sign, or zoning permit (if required).
  8. Application Requirements
  9. Please see the Land Development Code (LDC) for detailed information:
  10. Appeals
    An applicant may appeal the HDC’s decision for variances to a court of record as outlined in LDC Section 10.02.04(D). The petition shall be presented to within thirty (30) days after the decision of the HDC; otherwise the decision of the HDC will be final.
    As recorded with the Nassau County Property Appraiser
    If other than owner. If an agent will be representing the owner, an Owner’s Authorization For Agent Representation form must be included
  13. Describe the proposed project in terms of size, affected architectural elements, materials, and relationship to the existing structure(s).
  14. For New Construction: Please write a brief design statement explaining the architectural style of your project; what its design draws inspiration from; and how it is architecturally compatible with the surrounding historic neighborhood.

  15. Requirements for Demolition Applications
    Per LDC
    List all proposed materials and colors, as applicable
  18. (Name/Number)
  19. DOORS
  20. Include FL Product Approval # for Windows and Doors
  21. (Name/Number)
  23. Include FL Product Approval # for Windows and Doors
  24. (Name/Number)
  26. (Name/Number)
  28. (Name/Number)
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  41. OTHER
  42. (Name/Number)
  43. Please upload supplemental documentation and all product brochures, paint color samples, etc.
  44. Certification*
  45. 1. I/We hereby attest to the fact that the above supplied property address(es), parcel number(s) and legal description(s) is (are) the true and proper identification of the area of this petition.
  46. 2. I/We authorize staff from the Department of Planning & Conservation to enter onto the property in question during regular city business hours in order to take photos which will be placed in the permanent file.
  47. 3. I/We understand that the COA review time period will not commence until the application is deemed complete by staff and may take up to 10 days to process. I further understand that an incomplete application submittal may cause my application to be deferred to the next posted deadline date.
  48. 4. I/We understand that, for Board review cases, an agenda and staff report will be available on the City’s website approximately one week before the Historic District Council meeting.
  49. 5. I/We understand that the Historic District Council meetings are conducted in a quasi-judicial hearing and as such, ex-parte communications are prohibited (Communication about your project with a Historic District Council member).
  50. 6. I/We understand that the approval of this application by the Historic District Council or staff in no way constitutes approval of a Building Permit for construction from the City of Fernandina Beach Building Department.
  51. 7. I/We understand that all changes to the approved scope of work stated in a COA have to be approved by the HDC before work commences on those changes. There will be no charge for a revision to a COA. Making changes that have not been approved can result in a Stop Work Order being placed on the entire project and/or additional fees/penalties.
  52. 8. I/We understand that any decision of the HDC may be appealed to the City Commission, with the exception of variances, which may be appealed to a court of record as outlined in Section 10.02.04(D) of the Land Development Code. Petitions to appeal shall be presented within thirty (30) days after the decision of the HDC; otherwise the decision of the HDC will be final.
  53. 9. I/We understand that Certificates of Approval are only valid for one (1) year from issuance. They are renewable for six months without cause, and for an additional six months, upon showing of good cause by the applicant. The applicant must submit all requests for extensions in writing and provide appropriate support documentation, if needed.
  54. 10. I/We understand that the City Staff will install a Notice of Hearing sign on the property 14 days before the scheduled heating and that the sign must only be removed after the hearing by City Staff, unless, the applicant or property owner brings the Notice of Hearing back to City Hall.
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