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Technical Review Committee (TRC): Pre-Application Meeting Request

  1. Technical Review Committee (TRC) Pre-Application Meeting Request
    USE THIS FORM TO Submit a project for input and guidance from the Technical Review Committee, the City group responsible for reviewing site plans and commercial projects. TRC pre-application meetings are a free service provided by the City of Fernandina Beach to help guide a project through the development review and permitting process. The TRC pre-application meeting is a meeting between an applicant and representatives of City departments responsible for reviewing applications for the purpose of exchanging information on the potential development of a site. This may include providing information on permissible uses of the site; required improvements; infrastructure requirements; any applicable design standards; any potential regional, state or federal standards; requirements for supporting plans, documents and studies; and any applicable design standards.
  2. Fees
    A change of use occurs when an existing use is replaced by a different use, as listed in table 2.03.02. A proposed change of use shall be subject to the pre-application conferences as set forth in 11.01.02 A change of use shall not require a local development order when all the conditions of 11.00.05 are met. The determination that a proposed use or development constitutes a change of use is an administrative decision subject to appeal. When a local development order is required due to a proposed change of use, all standards and procedures of the Comprehensive Plan and LDC shall apply to the proposed new use.
  4. Please see the Land Development Code (LDC) for detailed information:
  5. Application Requirements
    All applications and related documents for a Pre-Application Meeting must be submitted by 12:00 p.m. five (5) business days before the scheduled meeting. Required documents are as follow:
    Applicant or interested party who will be present at the meeting.
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